Alicia Keys Just Slayed The Mermaid Trend With Her New Rainbow Hair

While summer has long since faded into the rearview, one of the season's hottest trends remains blazing. The obsession with all-rainbow-everything extends to all features, from eye makeup to brushes to hair hues. On Oct. 18, Powerhouse singer Alicia Keys showed off mermaid hair on her personal Instagram, and her pink and blue braids are the prettiest thing you'll see all day — promise!

Keys' mermaid locks are so beautiful, in fact, that they will leave you wanting to rock multi-colored, sea siren-inspired hair all day and all night — even if you haven't been near the ocean in months.

The vocalist and The Voice coach truly makes the look her own, pairing the lovely hues with her signature rows of braids. You won't be able to stop looking at her rainbow hair, which falls all the way down her back to her butt. Keys is the ultimate in #MermaidHairGoals.

The singer and mother of two demonstrates how you can take this trend, put your own spin on it, and make it work IRL. The pink and blue shades are super well-blended, which is why this look is so wearable and enviable. Just take a look at how effortlessly glam Keys looks.

Last year, Keys made the personal decision to ditch makeup in favor of showing off her bare face. While it is certainly OK to express yourself with makeup, Keys' personal #nomakeup mantra is manifested in these images. Her rainbow-colored hair provides the most stunning contrast to her naked skin.

It's truly a "Wowza!" combo as Keys enjoys a pop of color from her strands, rather than eyeshadow or blush.

Keys' vibrant hair calls attention to her bare face and her face calls attention to her hair. The balance works wonderfully.

A lot of online makeup artisans go all out and commit to the mermaid trend for all of their features. Keys prefers to keep things measured and the jaw-dropping end result is nothing to sneeze at.

Keys isn't the only one who's still excited about mermaid-inspired looks. Brands continue to launch pastel products on practically a daily basis, and fans continue to snatch them up quick.

Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

The mermaid trend has been jockeying for position with the unicorn trend in 2017. Tarte offered a straight up striking set of tools with unicorn horn handles, while Lime Crime dropped vegan hair dyes that come in any color you can imagine. The indie brand also issued an entire mermaid-themed makeup collection, as did Wet N Wild.

It's all a matter of personal style and comfort level when it comes to how adventurous you want to get with the mermaid look. If you take your cues from Keys, it's a look that translates and turns heads.

If you are of Keys' admirers on Insta — if that's not the case, I'll pause for a second while you throw her a follow — you are well aware that she has been playing with color combos with her braids as of late.

She recently rocked this unique and eye-catching mix of golden yellow, citrus orange, and pink that also popped against her incredible skin tone. Perhaps this pic of Keys by the water foreshadowed what was to come this fall with her mermaid follicles.


Seriously, though. Alicia Keys can do no wrong when it comes to her coif and its colors. She remains a true pioneer with her beauty choices.