Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump Is A "Classic Gemini" With Two Sides To His Personality

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with CNN's John Berman on Friday morning, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci discussed President Trump's personality traits and why he thinks the president tells so many lies. At one point, Scaramucci called Trump "a classic gemini," referencing the president's astrological sign and what it might say about him.

In response to a question from Berman, Scaramucci said, "What'd I'd tell a Trump supporter is the president, you know, he's a classic gemini, where he's got like two personalities going on in there." Scaramucci's statement appeared to be part of his longer answer about why the president lies so much.

He went on to say that Trump lies "because he thinks it’s fun and he also does it because he likes the fact that you guys are talking about it," according to The Hill. "There’s a very large group of people inside of our population that when he does it and the media talks about it, they laugh."

Trump notoriously responds to questions with statements that aren't true or that exaggerate reality; The Washington Post's Fact Checker, which was updated on March 31, notes that in 801 days, the president has made 9,451 false or misleading statements.

According to statistics website Statista, Trump's most-lied about subject is immigration. In an article published January 2019, Statista reported that Trump had made 1,433 false or misleading claims about immigration, 900 about foreign policy, 854 about trade, and 790 about the economy.

But whether Trump's astrological sign has anything to do with his penchant for avoiding the truth — that's up for debate. Astrologer Betty McKeon wrote for Vanity Fair in 2017 that there are a few things about Trump's astrological chart that reflect traits most of the public has actually observed. For example, Trump's rising sign, which is determined by time of birth, is in Leo, and McKeon noted that "People with Leo rising usually have a real thing about their hair. It equates to the lion’s mane."

Scaramucci also may have been onto something when he connected Trump's astrological sign to his lying. Trump was also born on the full moon in June 1946, so he has a Sagittarius moon, according to McKeon, and Sagittarius are known for exaggerating the truth. "Someone with strong Sag energy might tell you there were 100 people at a party they attended, when in reality, there were 25," McKeon wrote.

She also noted that there's a light and dark side to every sign. The dark side of Sagittarius apparently "cannot accept being wrong about anything; they are always right," McKeon wrote.

Vox reported that Mars was rising during Trump's birth, which apparently makes him “someone who is very hot-headed, sharp, and embodies some of those martial qualities. He thrives on projecting this macho image of himself.”

Regardless of the validity or meaning behind Trump's astrological chart, Scaramucci said he doesn't support the president's lying, and has in fact told him, "Hey, you don't need to do that," according to HuffPost. “By and large, he’s done a great job," Scaramucci told CNN. "Why do you have to tell lies?”