Aaliyah & Jaquan From 'Catfish' Are Likely Still Together After Their Episode

by Keyla Carvalho
Aaliyah & Jaquan From 'Catfish

The last few minutes of Aaliyah and Jaquan's Catfish episode seemed to indicate that the couple is together and happily ever after — and if it hinges on a social media presence, that might be the only update fans will ever get on their relationship status.

Aaliyah, from Vegas, met Jaquan, from Baltimore, on Instagram. She slid into his DMs and they had been talking for a year and a half before her cousin, Pialeah, decided to ask Nev and Kamie for help: she did not trust Aaliyah's long-distance boyfriend. Everything seemed to indicate Jaquan was a fake, from his refusal to meet Aaliyah in person to the fact that he wouldn't send his girlfriend any new pictures. And after finding a Facebook account with his name and picture when he claimed he didn't have one, Nev and Kamie were convinced that was another classic case of catfishing.

Surprisingly, it wasn't. Jaquan's only lie was that he did have a Facebook account, which is now impossible to find. He flew to LA to meet Aaliyah in person and, after the initial shock, they immediately hit it off. He promised her he was serious about their relationship, explained why he'd been so reluctant to meet her, and even brought back their plans to move together to LA and follow their careers there. This wasn't a case of fake profiles and identity theft, just a more familiar misunderstanding.

Kamie and Nev were supportive of the couple, but advised them to take things slow. "You can both come here and make moves and do exactly what it is that you wanna do and be in a relationship with each other but still have your own path," Kamie advised them, before explicitly telling them not to move in together. So when they called Aaliyah a month later to check on her status, they were shocked to see that she was in Baltimore with Jaquan. "The same day that everything was done, I went with him to Baltimore," she told Nev and Kamie. She also said she'd be living there until both moved to LA.

The conclusion? Aaliyah and Jaquan might be together based on the ending, but it's hard to locate them on social media to confirm that. Considering Jaquan's previous secretive behavior, that's not surprising. As far as we know, they could be sharing a place in LA right now.