Kim K's Kimoji Heart Fragrances Probably Won't Be In Stock For Long

Valentine's Day is on the horizon and Kim K has been on her grind cooking up something to help her fans celebrate the national day of love. Now that her newest, candy-heart themed scents have officially dropped, you're probably wondering if KKW Beauty's Kimoji Heart Fragrances sold out just as quickly as anything with a Kardashian-Jenner name slapped onto it.

KKW first broke the internet in the luxury scent department when she introduced the Crystal Gardenia fragrances to her brand's beauty lineup. Trading out chic, crystal-shaped bottles for colorful, heart-shaped packaging, the KUWTK star launched her new fragrances just in time for the "be mine" and "roses are red..." poems to surface. Already flying off of virtual shelves, there are three new scents total in the KKW Beauty fragrance collection.

If you've already assumed the newbies won't be around for long, then you're a smart cookie. KKW Beauty products have a tendency to go out of stock lickety-split once beauty fanatics and Kim K fans takeover the site. But If you were dying to smell like a sweet threat, you're in luck.

All three fragrances are still in stock — well, for now that is.

Selling exclusively on the KKW Fragrance website for $30 each, the festive Kimoji scents are still available for purchase. Whether you're gifting to a significant other, picking up a 'lil something for your Galentine, or treating yourself, the pastel gems make for an incredibly adorable gift.

It's not just their packaging that makes them V-Day hits. The scents loaded into each heart are so delectable, you couldn't help but latch onto a loved one rocking any of the fragrances.

A scent that combines the fruity and floral, "Bae" is the option most reminiscent of the Crystal Gardenia line. It features notes of mandarin and kiwi, infused with floral accents of jasmin Sambac and gardenia blossom. Whipped vanilla and velvet sandalwood are the decadent undertones that make the scent a winner.

"Ride or Die" is a sweet temptation. The purple candy heart houses the main notes of blackberry and purple plum, blooming jasmine, and raspberry nectar. Swirls of caramel and tonka bean are the sultry undertones that make it hard to resist.

The mouth watering scent of the three is "BFF", a fragrance that offers playful notes of wild berries and crisp apple. A bouquet of pink rose petals and pear blossoms add depth while fluffy notes of vanilla, marshmallow, and cedar wood balances the fruity scent.

Even without anyone actually smelling the scents, the hooplah surrounding the new fragrances has been intense— umm hello, it's the Kim K effect at its finest. That means the Kimoji Hearts are guaranteed to sell out in no time. Given that they're Valentine's Day themed and $5 cheaper than the Gardenia fragrances, there's no reason why they won't be on many Feb. 14 wish lists. Snagging all three won't even break the bank, keeping your total under $100, and that's really saying something for a KKW Beauty launch.

Plus, there's no guarantee that the fragrances will be around forever. Although there is currently no marketing by the brand stating that they're "limited edition", holiday-themed beauty released tend to be seasonal. Perhaps, the Kimoji Hearts won't be around for long, making them even more high-in-demand and likely to sell out.

So, it all boils down to acting fast if you're going to get your hands on a heart. Beauty fanatics seem to adore Kim K, and love her products even more. This KKW Fragrance x Kimoji collaboration just may have the beauty mogul's products getting that "sold out" stamp within minutes.