Check Out Arthel Neville's Empowering Accessories

Style with a message is arguably the most powerful trend of the year, from feminist tees to equality pins to bags that promote a cause. What you wear can be more expressive than ever, and it's a way to speak without actually having to talk. The latest place to get your meaningful fashion fix? Fox News weekend anchor Arthel Neville's women's empowerment accessory line.

I'll be honest: the last place I'd expect to see a powerful, feminist line of accessories come from is a Fox News anchor, but Neville's collection is a pleasant surprise (and it absolutely makes me consider some of my bias). The pieces in her line of outspoken, sassy accessories are both chic and meaningful, and they pretty much scream girl power.

Her line includes totes, pouches, wristlets, cosmetic bags, and passport covers with boss lady phrases like "you can't erase me" and "who said I couldn't do it?" (Neville's personal mantra). Come to think of it, they make pretty fantastic gifts for the incredible ladies in your life, whether it's your fierce grandmother or hustler best friend.

The 11 pieces run from $30 to $75, and they're available on the brand's website. Here's a look at five of the best items to snag now.

1. ERASE Cosmetic Bag

ERASE Cosmetic Bag, $32, Arthel Neville Design

Just like you can't erase your favorite waterproof eyeliner.

2. GLAM L-Zip Pouch

GLAM L-Zip Pouch, $48, Arthel Neville Design

Use this cute pouch as a clutch or toss it in your favorite carryall bag.

3. STRENGTH Tassel Pouch

STRENGTH Tassel Pouch, $56, Arthel Neville Design

A great reminder to have in hand, literally.

4. WHO Passport Cover

WHO Passport Cover, $30, Arthel Neville Design

Perfect for the fearless adventurer.

5. SHOES North/South Tote

SHOES North/South Tote, $75, Arthel Neville Design

"Pumps, flats, sneakers. I blaze trails in all types of shoes," this tote reads. So much yes.