This Bling Brush Makes Cleaning Rings So Easy

Just like cleaning your makeup brushes, polishing up your rings and jewelry can feel like a huge chore that's pretty easy to neglect. But even though ignoring smudge marks and dullness is definitely the lower maintenance option, the good people at Baublerella have found a solution with their ring-cleaning Bling Brush.

In theory, it shouldn't be that much of a hassle to clean wedding or engagement rings in the first place — a little bit of lukewarm water, mild dish soap, a toothbrush, and voilà. As sparkly as it was the first time you put it on your finger. But there's something about cleaning jewelry in general that seems to fall so low on the priority list. After all, unlike neglecting to clean your makeup brushes, it's probably not going to make you break out (and even with that in mind, I'm still terrible about cleaning my makeup brushes).

The Bling Brush basically means there's no excuse not to have the shiniest ring in all the land. You twist the end to release the all-natural solution, brush it on your ring, and then wipe off with a soft polishing cloth. It'll make your rings (and other stone jewelry) look good as new for up to 100 uses.

Baublerella Bling Brush Natural Jewelry Cleaner, $18, Baublerella

Here's an example before-and-after snapshot from their website:

The brush works on metal jewelry with both real and faux stones, so if you're single AF like me (read: no engagement or wedding ring), it'll work on pretty fashion jewelry as well. If you're snagging the Bling Brush, might as well treat yourself to a new ring as well, right? Here are five stones to try it out with.

1. Leo Gold Crystal Finger Ring

Leo Gold Crystal Finger Ring, $76, Adornmonde

This dainty ring has just a hint of millennial pink.

2. Blue Grey Crystal Tiny Baguette Ring

Blue Grey Crystal Tiny Baguette Ring, $70, Bing Bang NYC

This is the perfect stacking ring with a little bit of extra glam.

3. Opal Punta Vista Ring

Opal Punta Vista Ring, $60, Stella And Bow

This ring is on the matte side (but it still shines paired with any manicure).

4. Stackable Cubic Zirconia Baguette Ring

Judith Jack Stackable Cubic Zirconia Baguette Ring, $45, Nordstrom

So many stones to be polished on this 10-karat gold band.

5. Deco Cocktail Ring

Deco Cocktail Ring, $39, Stella And Dot

And if you really want an engagement-y ring to polish à la Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules, this art deco cocktail ring will do the trick.