BeautyBlender's Color Changing Sponge Means You'll Never Forget to Wet Your Blender Again

If you're a makeup sponge user — regardless of the brand — you've likely sat own to blend your foundation to perfection only to realize that you didn't wet your sponge. You groan, get up, and begrudgingly head to the sink. Well, no more. The BeautyBlender Wave's color changing technology is coming to help you always remember to dampen your beauty tool.

Just in time for you to snag it for yourself as a Christmas gift, BeautyBlender is launching the new BeautyBlender Wave, a color shifting sponge that moves from to cool-toned purple when wet with warm water and a soft blue when dampened with cold water. It's not just that the brand has created the perfect way to make sure you never forget that the product should be used damp, though. BeautyBlender has also written it on the sponge itself. The side of the tool reads "Wet Me" with a water droplet just above.

If you're curious if there's anything different about this new sponge in terms of usage, don't worry OG BeautyBlender lovers. You'll utilize the BeautyBlender Wave the exact same way you would a more traditional version of the sponge. Simply wet it, watch it change color, wring it out, and blend until your heart is content. Like all BeautyBlender sponges, the Wave is also cruelty-free, and there's no price increase. It retails for $20 just like the OG sponge.

While the sponge won't drop on the Sephora website until Christmas Day, Dec. 25, you can get your hands on it early. According to the brand's Instagram account, the sponge has dropped as an early release on the Sephora app. Simply use it to shop instead of your laptop, add the color changing sponge to your basket, and the BeautyBlender Waves will belong to you a day early.

Courtesy of Sephora

While the Wave is BeautyBlender's first color changing sponge, the brand is no stranger to making your beauty tools just a bit more fun. While the original sponge's hot pink hue is its signature, BeautyBlender has launched a plethora of colors like the bright yellow of the Joy sponge and the swirling white and pink look of the Electric Violet Swirl. Every hue makes doing your makeup a little extra special.

With the BeautyBlender Wave, the brand has found a way to make sure you never have a groan-inducing moment where you have to get up and go back to the sink to wet your sponge. For those prone to forgetfulness, snag the new color changing blender now on the Sephora app and Dec. 25 at Sephora online.

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