Melissa McCarthy's "bad guy" Music Video Proves She's The Biggest Billie Eilish Stan

YouTube / TheEllenShow

Billie Eilish is truly taking over the music industry, and although she’s cultivated a large following with some crazed fans, she might just have found her biggest stan: Melissa McCarthy. The actor filled in for Ellen DeGeneres as a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she proved her dedication to the singer in the most hilarious way she could think of. Melissa McCarthy inserted herself into Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” video, proving that they might be the ultimate power duo, albeit a very unexpected one.

“I’m completely obsessed with her. We listen to her all the time,” McCarthy said on the show. “In fact, if you don’t like her, just get up and get out. We’ll wait. Just take a hike.” No one from the studio audience left, proving that Eilish can appeal to literally everyone. But McCarthy wants to be more than a mere fan.

"My dream is really to go on tour with her, or just lay down a track – I think that’s what the kids are saying now,” she joked. “I think we would make a great duo. We could tour together. I would assume we would end up best friends, maybe matching tattoos, I don’t know. I think every super cool 17-year-old musician needs a 48-year-old Midwestern mother of two as her hype man. To me, it makes sense.”

To prove how well the two could work together, McCarthy inserted herself into Eilish's "bad guy" video, re-branded as "bad guys," and it has all of the hilarious antics you'd hope for, from frantic dancing to a comically excessive nose bleed. McCarthy even edited herself to be Eilish's push-up platform, complete with awkward dialogue.

“I would love to do a video with you, Billie, and if that doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does," McCarthy concluded. She's absolutely right about that. Her "cameo" appearance proves that the two could link up for an action-packed thriller and it would be one of the best movies ever. The poster could be the two of them riding around in children's electric cars. Or maybe they could just make a music video together.

Eilish herself was recently a guest on The Ellen Show, taking the stage for a dramatic performance of “When The Party’s Over” and opening up to the host about everything from living with Tourette Syndrome to thinking that the Spice Girls were a fictional band from the iconic movie Spice World. “I watched that movie like 40 times,” she said. “I remember seeing Spice Girls [were coming back] and I was like, ‘Oh my god, they’re re-enacting the movie,’ because I thought it like was a fictional movie about some girls called the Spice Girls. It wasn’t.”

McCarthy’s “bad guy” video isn’t the first time that Eilish has been on the receiving end of a prank on the show. Right after the singer professed her Justin Bieber fandom to the world, DeGeneres promised her that he wasn’t there as a surprise — but she did have a staffer in a Bieber wig jump out of a box to scare her. Eilish was not amused. Hopefully, she will be more entertained by McCarthy's gesture and they'll actually work together in the future. It's what we deserve.