Bryan Cranston Became The Twins From 'The Shining' In This Creepy Super Bowl Ad

If you've ever wondered what Bryan Cranston would look like dressed up as the twins from The Shining (or if you've had nightmares about it), you're in luck. Tracee Ellis Ross and Cranston's new Super Bowl commercial for Mountain Dew is a gift to everyone who'd love a remake. The new commercial was released online on the morning of Jan. 28, and recreates a couple of the most memorable scenes from the iconic horror movie. But instead of watching Jack Nicholson trying to murder his entire family, we follow the Breaking Bad actor as he tries to get Ross to drink the new Mountain Dew Zero.

Mountain Dew actually released a teaser for their Super Bowl commercial on Jan. 16, which featured a new approach to the creepy typewriting scene. In the full ad, they went for the moment that even those unfamiliar with the classic film would recognize, when Jack sticks his face through a chopped hole in the door. "Here's.... Mountain Dew Zero!" Cranston says as he leers through the gaping hole. Ross screams, but eventually accepts her fate, grabbing the bottle from Cranston's hands. "I am thirsty," she says. It's bizarre, funny, and creepy. So, everything we would expect from a Super Bowl commercial. Mountain Dew isn't the first brand to create an ad inspired by The Shining. IKEA Singapore also did a pretty good job years ago, using the furniture store as a reenactment of the "Come play with us" scene. But the Super Bowl spot will certainly stand out from the crowd.

The ad debuted on Ross' Instagram on Tuesday, where the actor declared just how excited she was to be a part of the clip. "I got to remake #TheShining with @BryanCranston! Shut the front door!," she wrote in her caption. She even teased that the ad was "as good as the original, maybe better."

Is it as good as the original? Maybe even better? Unclear. But that image of Bryan Cranston as the creepy Shining twins will certainly haunt our nightmares forever.