All The Amazing Things You Miss On 'This Is Us' When You're Focused On Jack & The Fire

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

NBC's This Is Us is a beloved hit show for so many reasons — but so much attention is focused on how Jack Pearson died. Season 2 has dropped some clues that fans have obsessed over, including that mysterious house fire. But there are so many amazing things that you miss on This Is Us when you're focused on clues about Jack and the fire. Sure, that is a huge part of the show, but it isn't the entire reason why fans tune in every week.

The family drama follows the Pearson family through flashbacks throughout the years and during the present — that is, except for patriarch Jack, who died when the kids were teenagers. While viewers now know when he dies, how Jack dies has become a major point of focus. I understand why — believe me, I want to know, too — but we shouldn't let one beloved character's tragic moment overshadow the whole series. Milo Ventimiglia's Jack isn't the only great character and performance on the show — Sterling K. Brown recently won an Emmy for his role as adult Randall Pearson.

Outside of Jack, there is so much to appreciate about This Is Us. Take a break from your Jack and the fire theories for second to reminisce about these awesome things in the series.


Randall Is Nerdy & Cool

And I mean nerd in the most endearing way possible. Young Randall has been shown to be very good at math, love Rube Goldberg machines, and keep notes on how to get along with brother Kevin (aww). Young and adult Randall have also have also been shown to have anxiety, which adds a significant emotional layer to that viewers don't often see in stereotypical smart or "nerdy" characters.

We also know that Randall will grow up to be a successful adult, a loving husband, and a great dad, which totally subverts the old-fashioned thinking that nerds can't be cool — he even calls himself Randall "Cool" Pearson.


The Evolution Of Randall & Kevin's Relationship

Randall and Kevin haven't always got along — as kids and as adults. Kevin has said that he resented the "special" treatment Randall got from their parents, while Randall admitted that all he wanted was some kind of affection from Kevin. As adults, though, it seems like the siblings are finally in a good place, but it's still emotional to see flashbacks in which the young versions of the characters don't quite have their dynamic figured out yet.


Randall Is A Stay-At-Home Dad

With all this talk about Jack and the mysterious house fire, I personally forgot that Randall quit his job last season. In Season 2, viewers have gotten no indication that Randall is headed back to the corporate world after his existential crisis in Season 1. Instead, Randall is embracing life as a stay-at-home dad — and Beth is the family breadwinner, which is still rarely seen on television.


Kate & Rebecca's Realistic Relationship

Here's another This Is Us puzzling mystery to solve: Why does Kate resent Rebecca so much? Kate has implied it is due to Rebecca being "beautiful," but the real reason is likely to be something much deeper than that. Is it because they have both pursued singing? Where did their mother-daughter bond start to falter? Sure, answers to those questions would be great, but this plotline also reflects not every mother-daughter relationship is like Gilmore Girls.


Kevin Could Be Psychic

"The Kardashians are like gremlins. By next week, there will be a bazillion more of 'em," Kevin said in an episode that aired in the same week filled with Kardashian baby rumors. OK, Kevin and the This Is Us writers don't necessarily need to be psychic to predict that, but if you're only focused on Jack and the fire, you might miss more prophetic Kevin jokes.


The Mystery Of Rebecca & Miguel

Before fans obsessed over the hows and whys of Jack's death, the mystery of how Miguel and Rebecca fell in love was a main point of concern. Of course, now with the fire obsession, questions about Rebecca and Miguel's own love story have been pushed aside, when they shouldn't be. Just how did this happen? Did Miguel comfort Rebecca after Jack's death? How did the Big Three handle it? Fans need to know this, too.


Kevin & Kate's "Twin Thing"

Kevin and Kate have always had a solid connection and understanding with each other, which Kevin has called their "twin" thing. Technically, Kevin and Kate were born twins — and just like twins, they are very close. It was even revealed that Kate was the sibling who had to relay the news of Jack's death to Kevin. It's also a close brother-sister bond that Toby has had difficulty understanding and it may continue to be an issue as Kate and Toby raise their own family.


The Young Actors Are So Good

This Is Us has multiple actors who play the Big Three at different stages of their lives — and the young ones resemble their adult counterparts in so many ways. It's almost eerie, but the casting truly makes you forget that you're not actually watching different actors.

There are plenty of clues and theories about Jack's death to comb through, but you should definitely take a break once in awhile to appreciate the amazing other characters and mysteries on This Is Us.