These Vegan Sneakers Have A Waitlist Of 5,000 People

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Quiet as it’s kept, celebrities aren’t the only ones who have the power to sell out a product. If the Cariuma IBI sneaker's 5,000-person waitlist is any indication, a good product can surely speak for itself. And to make these kicks even more of a worthy investment, they’re sustainably-made.

Cariuma may sound unfamiliar, but the brand is a mainstay among shoppers looking for sneakers made from natural materials. Introduced last October, the IBI sneaker is comprised of sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled plastic water bottles knit with a Sugar Cane EVA sole. Per a press release from Cariuma, the brand sold out of the IBI shoe within two weeks of launch. It’s finally being restocked on Jan. 28 — with a waitlist of 5,000 people growing since late November.

Courtesy of Cariuma
Courtesy of Cariuma
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Shoppers can take refuge in the fact that the production of these shoes is 100% carbon neutral. The knitted uppers only use three pieces in the lining, requiring less mass cutting and therefore reducing its C02 emissions. What's more, the brand's use of a sugar cane version allows for the shoes to be biodegradable.

The IBI shoes are not only eco-friendly, but they also provide great stretch. The sugar cane EVA allows for the IBI sneakers to be 30%-40% more lightweight. And the knitted uppers are great for those who are on the wider side of the shoe spectrum.

The shoe comes in eight colorways (plus, one pair made in collaboration with Pantone) and it's offered in unisex sizes from 5-13. Plus, unlike most shoes, the IBI kicks also have the ability to be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The sneakers are available online at for $98.

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