If You're A '90s Kid, Chaos Makeup Will Speak To You On A Deep Level

by Kim Carpluk

Iridescence, mood-changing, and holographic, oh my! If you're a pastel-clad, glitter-loving, Lisa-Frank-sporting '90s child, then you need to be rubbing this magical makeup all over your face. Welcome to Chaos Makeup, home of clamshell packaging and products so game-changing, they'll leave you questioning whether they're made by hand or by witchcraft.

Like most amazing, groundbreaking brands, Chaos Makeup was started out of a makeup artist's need. Brand founder Megan Martinez told Allure magazine that at age 14, she was homeless.

To survive, she would pick up odd jobs including doing her classmates makeup for school dances. By age 15, she was freelancing most of the time, gaining clientele that loved and appreciated her vibrant punk aesthetic. She loved the wet, highlighted look on skin, something that wasn't even trendy at the time. Because illuminators weren't big on the scene 13 years ago, she resorted to concocting her own creations by mixing together various shimmers and shadows with alcohol.

A few years later she created her first product, a colorful light-reflecting highlighter with a clear base: a powder that would appear almost invisible on the skin until it hit the light.

Since then, she's created a variety of colorful highlighters.

Colored Glitter Free Pressed Highlighters, $18, Chaos Makeup

Including a rainbow one, of course! And can we talk about this packaging? Definitely under-the-sea realness.

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Highlighter, $26, Chaos Makeup

She's also launched some glitter-encrusted lipsticks that are more than Instagram worthy.

Hydro Lipstick in Pink Passion, $16, Chaos Makeup

Once you use the glitter topcoat, you're left with a super creamy, hydrating formula that you can build from sheer to saturated.

Chaos Beauty carries pressed chrome pigments for face and eyes that were actually inspired by chrome nail polishes from the '90s.

Chrome Hybrids, $20, Chaos Makeup

There are color-shifting creams that will mesmerize you for days.

Color Shifting Creams, $25, Chaos Makeup

And straight-up mood-changing formulas.

Seems to good to be true, right? Let's see another one.

These are just her prototypes! Isn't your inner unicorn just screeching with joy?

Not only is she working on the these magical color-shifting products, she's also working on one of the first, truly holographic highlighters on the market.

If the products themselves weren't enough, they all come wrapped in shining, shimmering, splendid packaging.

I'm sure you'll have a hard time throwing these puppies away.

All Chaos Beauty products are currently made by hand in Texas. If you want to support an indie brand with a big heart, or if you simply want to get your '90s freak on, don't sleep on this incredible brand.