Chris Harrison Says That Awkward Fantasy Suite Living Arrangement Is All Peter's Fault

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

The Bachelor has had its fair share of awkward moments over the past 17 seasons, but having the women live together during Fantasy Suite week might just be the most uncomfortable moment yet. During a recent interview with the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Chris Harrison explained why Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Madison lived together on The Bachelor. And it turns out, it was actually all thanks to Peter Weber.

While chatting with hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin about the most recent episode, Harrison explained that after producers noticed that Peter was having trouble making decisions about his final contestants, they decided to step in and force his hand. "There are times when, no matter how great you are ... you can’t get out of your own way. And that’s part of why you’re single," Harrison explained. "And Peter, for example, has trouble making decisions."

As a result, the producers decided that by forcing Peter — and, by extension, the three remaining women — out of his comfort zone, he would be able to make tough decisions. "There are things that we do as producers that will force you into this uncomfortable zone and force you into making a decision," he explained, adding that, "sometimes we do it for your behalf, sometimes we do it for the Bachelor, the guys or the girls."

In addition to his general indecisiveness, Harrison also noted that it was important for Peter and Madison to finally have a conversation about her "expectations" for their relationship and her religious values, and so the Bachelor producers decided to take "extraordinary" measures to make that happen.

"It had to happen this week because, if we get to proposal week, then this guy is really screwed and there’s no chance this works," he said. "We gotta figure this out and there’s really only one way to do it," he admitted. "In the history of the show, I don’t know if we’ve ever done this, but we decided to do it this week."

Though he acknowledged that it was "really awkward" for all three women, Harrison explained that they felt it was also important to involve Hannah Ann and Victoria in the conversation, so that Bachelor Nation could see all sides of the issue. "We kind of needed the women’s perspective on this," he said.

Harrison continued, "Because of, I think, the double standard in the things that Peter was gonna deal with, we needed Madison to face Victoria and Hannah Ann and have them express their emotions." Otherwise, it would just be one "guy and his perspective," and, per Harrison, that's not an accurate representation of the situation and who is affected by it. Based on the preview for next week, that seems totally fair — after all, it looks like Peter isn't the only one who is struggling with Madison possibly leaving the show after her emotional Fantasy Suite date.

As uncomfortable as it was to watch Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Madison live together during Fantasy Suite week, it sounds like The Bachelor producers made that decision in order to ensure that Peter had some very important conversations before it was too late.