People Are Matching Their Lash Extensions To Their Hair Now & It's Mesmerizing

Monochrome has been elevated to a whole new level with the newest Instagram beauty trend: Matching your eyelash extensions to your hair color. If you've been known to rock a head to toe look with just one color, this is the beauty version of that. While this might seem normal — if you have black hair, it's not often that you choose blonde eyelash falsies — people have taken the concept and spun it into creative new heights. As more and more colorful eyelash extensions hit the market, and more and more salons are offering the nontraditional hues in their establishments, people are taking advantage of the selection.

The matchy-matchy look originated with the ever-experimental makeup artist, Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick. A member of Kat Von D's Artistry Collective, she's been known to switch up her hair color and match her lashes to the new, electric hues.

"Most recently, she dyed her hair a tangerine orange and added some matching orange extensions to her lashes. She took it one step further by coordinating most of her makeup in the bright orange shade, too," Allure reported. While her bright orange hair would be show stopping by itself, matching her eyelashes to that same bold shade was a real game changer. It's unexpected and new, and really brings out a playful vibe.

To help the lashes pop, she hid her eyebrows to let the extensions take center stage. She then color-coordinated the rest of her makeup to mimic that same tangy color, creating a uniform aesthetic with her orange lip gloss and electric eyeshadow.

In order to help the ginger lashes pop, she also included an cobalt blue cat eye to give it a background to contrast against. The end result is dreamy and so bold. You get an Alice in Wonderland type of feel from all the acidic, uniform colors.

If you don't want to go to a salon and commit to a set of falsies, you can also achieve this color coordinated look with the help of colored mascara. Just check out how these lashes mimic the magenta and purple shades in the model's hair.

Depending on what kind of hair color you have, there are plenty to choose from. Take a peek at a small selection below.


NYX Color Mascara Collection

Color Mascara, $5-$7, NYX Cosmetics

Carrying eight different hues, you'll be able to find your color match no matter what shade your strands are currently rocking. From a deep blue to a dusty pink to a pigmented purple, you can easily match up your locks to your mascara with this collection.


butter LONDON Collection

ElectraLash Colour Amplifying Mascara, $10, butter LONDON

If you're currently sporting cobalt blue on your strands, this mascara is a great option to match your lashes to your hair. It doesn't flake, is easy to remove, and even conditions your lashes with Beeswax & Carnauba Wax.


Yves Saint Laurent Collection

Green - I'm The Excitement, $40, Douglas

Packing nine different shades, this fun Yves Saint Laurent selection lets a makeup lover play with their looks. You can choose between a hot pink, a glittering gold, a deep green, and a sapphire blue, among other colors.


HUAMIANLI Collection

HUAMIANLI Colorful Mascara, $3, Ali Express

Rocking a formula that clearly separates each lash, this collection is waterproof and promises not to crack and crumble throughout the day. With eight different hues — and two different shades of blue — there are some decent options here for people with unnatural shades of hair.


BeYu Collection

Be Eye Catching Color Play Lash Mascara, $10, Douglas

For those that have pastel hair, this mascara line caters to your specific colors. With powdery pink, soft teal, and lilac purple mascara options, it will be easy to match up your locks to your eyes.

If you have an out-of-the-box hair color, try this fall beauty trend out for when you get drinks or go out during the weekend. It might be experimental, but it's 100 percent fabulous.