These Twitter Accounts Are So Creepy, They’ll Give You Nightmares

by Kiersten Hickman

I don't think it's going on a limb if I say that most of love reading creepy things on the web — until nightfall, that is, because, you know, nightmares. That said, you're gonna have to expect at least a few if you look through these creepy Twitter accounts, because they're so darn addicting that they'll keep you scrolling until wee hours of the morning. Some are certainly creepy and will leave you in goosebumps even in 90 degree weather, but others are just so interesting that you can’t help but wonder where they get this kind of information.

You see, I’m not one that’s ever been into horror. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I got scared watching Scary Movie 3, which we all know is just a funny parody of iconic horror scenes. That part where a chick crawled out of the television screen? Yeah, I screamed and cried during that. Can’t even imagine what I would actually do if I had to watch The Ring

So you can imagine my fascination when coming across these creepy Twitter accounts online. It kind of boggles my mind the amount of horrific content people can find online — especially creepy YouTube videos of ghost and UFO sightings that truly leave me bewildered. These Twitter accounts are a small glimpse into a world that I never knew existed, and quite frankly didn’t even care to look for. But now, as I dig into what the depths of the internet has to offer, I’m amazed at what I find. Here are a few accounts to keep an eye on if you’re into horror and screaming and blood and that sort of thing.

Creepy Catalog (@CreepyCatalog)

A mix of horror stories and scary news, this account is all about bringing you anything that can remotely frighten you during your normal day.

Scary Stories (@TheScaryStory)

Into all of those creepy things you can’t explain, like unknown messages and clown sightings? If so, this account is worth a browse.

Horror (@HorrificPics)

Most of the content on this account is blocked, and you have to accept it to see. It’s a mix of creepy things and thought-provoking images about modern generations.

Disturbing (@DisturbingPict)

Another account that needs your approval to see content, but trust me, it’s worth taking a look. This account constantly posts facts that you wouldn’t expect to even exist, like creepy callouts for future events, and deadly places around the world.

Terrifying (@TerrifyingPosts)

I’m telling you right now, if you officially want to get freaked out, this account is worth your follow. The content is absolutely insane — and will have you shivering in complete for hours on end.

. (@beyoncefan666)

Could this particular person predicted the presidential election results, the UK leaving the EU, and Beyonce’s pregnancy? People were kind of freaking out about this account a few months back because it seemed to have all of those predictions correct. However, others aren’t buying it. Whatever the case may be, worth a follow to see what @beyoncefan666 writes about next.

Cursed Images (@cursedimages)

It’s as simple as that — every photo posted is a photo that is “cursed.” You’re welcome.

The SCP Foundation (@scpwiki)

Although SCP is all fictional content, it's still all creepy AF. They post all of their articles over on their Twitter account so you can get a constant update on interesting things to read!

Horror (@HorrorPlaces)

To not get confused with @HorrificPics, this account also posts horrific photos, videos, and stories that will certainly make you think differently.

Good luck sleeping tonight!