Dean Wants To Help Squash Rachel & Colton's 'Bachelor' Drama

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Pilot Pete's Bachelor season may not air until early next year, but there's still plenty of off-screen drama to keep fans occupied, specifically an ongoing feud between former franchise leads Rachel Lindsay and Colton Underwood. In the latest update to this slightly confusing saga, Bachelor Nation's Dean Unglert weighed in on the Rachel and Colton situation and even offered to help make sure the matter gets put to rest.

The drama kicked off earlier this month when Colton commented on an Us Weekly Instagram post about the end of Rachel and Raven Gates' friendship, writing, "Shocker. Rachel mad at another person... does she like anyone?" In response, Rachel clarified she has never badmouthed Colton and invited him to come on her podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour, to hash out the issue as mature adults. Soon after, Colton took to Twitter, saying he would be down to have that conversation, so he could point out Rachel's "hypocrisy over the last year."

Now, Dean, who competed on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, is entering into the fray. He recently told E! News that he believes Rachel has been "super critical" of Colton, who in turn, has been "super defensive." However, Dean doesn't think there's really a right or wrong side here. "Colton is right to want to defend his relationship with Cassie Randolph and Rachel is right to want to have an opinion," he said.

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Since Rachel and Colton are planning on talking through their issues together, Dean told E! he would be up for mediating a podcast conversation between them. "It will be interesting to see what will happen because Rachel is a good negotiator and a lawyer for a long time. Colton is strong in his convictions as well," he said.

In addition to Dean speaking out, Nick Viall, who dated Rachel on his season of The Bachelor, took a bit of a more pointed stance on the dilemma. Per Us Weekly, Nick responded to Colton's comment about Rachel not liking anyone with a simple, "Pretty sure [she likes] me."

As of right now, Rachel and Colton have yet to reach any kind of public agreement, but maybe they'll take Dean up on his offer to guide their podcast convo — as long as it stays "raw, unedited and untouched" like Colton requested.