These Divorce Lawyers Have Crazy Revenge Stories

Yesterday, an AskReddit thread asked divorce lawyers to share the craziest things they’ve seen couples do to get revenge on each other. Hundreds of people (some lawyers, some simply folks with divorce experience) chimed in with their tales of former spouses who have gone to huge lengths for vengeance. Some of the people in these stories are admirably creative in their revenge plots, while others seem simply deranged and, honestly, terrifying.

In a perfect world, all divorces would be amicable, with both parties maturely acknowledging that separation is the best choice. (OK, in a perfect world, I suppose divorce wouldn’t be necessary at all, but in a more perfect world divorces would at least be friendly). Soon-to-be exes would sign the papers, shake hands, and move on,with nothing but good feelings toward their former spouses.

But obviously that’s not real life. Breakups suck, they’re messy and emotional, and they only get worse when you add in shared property, mixed finances, and children. That kind of stress and emotional upset can lead people to extremes — and sometimes that means channeling the Count of Monte Christo and seeking glorious revenge on those who have wronged you.

Read on for some of the revenge plots that divorce lawyers of Reddit have seen in real life:

1. What's that smell?

One can only imagine the stench.

2. But I really wanted to watch Empire Strikes Back!


3. This one just seems like way too much work.

That's dedication.

4. It's getting hot in here.

First thing you do when you break up: Change the shared passwords.

5. Watch your bank account.

This would suck so much.


Revenge on an ex is not worth GOING TO JAIL, y'all. Wanting a little petty satisfaction is one thing — committing a major crime is something else entirely.

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