The Donald Trump Inaugural Medal Isn’t Confirmed


For decades now, the presentation of an commemorative medal has been a well-known tradition of the inauguration of the new president of the United States. For collectors, it is a popular series of coins used to mark these significant days in history. But has Donald Trump’s inaugural medal been revealed yet?

No, not yet, but there is a lot of speculation about what the medal could potentially look like. Although the exact timing of the release of the inaugural medal is not clear, it seems like it'll be a tradition that will nevertheless hold true once President-elect Donald Trump takes office. The inaugural medal has a picture of the Trump on the front, along with a seal of the U.S. Capitol and a label designating him as the “45th President of The United States.”

This inaugural medal tradition actually dates all the way back to 1901, with the second inauguration of William McKinley. Creating medals to commemorate leaders goes back even to the Roman Empire.

Designs for the official Donald Trump inaugural medal have been speculated about, but none confirmed. The most likely design could be this set found on Groupon, which seems to look very similar to the President Obama inaugural medal. However, other coin collectors have started to theorize other ideas for the medal, including a silver design with an eagle on the back.

Either way, the official medal still has not been revealed, but probably will be soon enough since.