These Eagles Super Bowl Memes Include Some Pretty Sick Burns

by Katie Mitchell
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Are you ready for some football? Ready or not, Super Bowl LII is underway, and the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are both in it to win it. No matter, who you're rooting for or the outcome of the big game on Feb. 4, 2018, Twitter always wins the Super Bowl. Back in the day, Super Bowl commercials stole the show on football's biggest night, but it's 2018, so tweets and memes about the Eagles will definitely keep you entertained at least until the commercials start.

Some Eagles memes are witty, some are quirky, and others are down-right hilarious, like actually laugh out loud hilarious. It's not too late to join in on the fun. Got some shade you want to throw at the Patriots fans on your friends list? Want to poke fun at the Eagles? Want to show your temporary pride as an Eagles fan for approximately one day out of the year? Want to cause a dramatic stir online even though you're not even watching the game because you'd rather just cause trouble and eat guac without any distractions? Warm up your Twitter fingers, craft your witty one-liners, and get ready to laugh along with the entire internet during the biggest football game of the year.

The NFL has received a lot of attention this past season due to kneeling football players. You can even use that for meme fodder — nothing is off limits, including a map of the U.S. showing how many Eagles fans there are (see #3) and the fact that they've never seen a Super Bowl ring before. But luckily for people who like to laugh on the internet, Eagles fans have, uh, a reputation for being one of the most extra fandoms out there, and they haven't won a Super Bowl yet, so this chance to claim the Super Bowl 2018 victory is bringing out the best of them.

Check out what Twitter has to say about the Eagles' performance during Super Bowl LII through memes, because this team may be easy targets to some but there's no denying these underdogs from Philly have got some super loyal fans who are completely in it to win it this year.


OK, Eagles Fans May Be Easy Targets

I mean, honestly, who doesn't love sweatpants though? They're comfy AF.


But They Sure Have Pride

He's not wrong — that is where Eagles fans are from.


And This Map Shows They May Not Be Alone

According to this map, which is basically science, everyone in the country is rooting for the Eagles.


But Please Don't Text An Eagles' Fan RN

Rule number one: don't you dare (like don't even think about it) text an Eagles fan during the Super Bowl. You can tweet them, DM them, FB message them, but don't expect a response until tomorrow. K?


Though Some People Will Be Fans For 24 Hours

OK, so this happens every single Super Bowl, but if you're an Eagles fan, you may as well embrace the temporary support in a time of need.


Some Are Eagles Fans Because They Don't Like Tom Brady

For some, hating on Tom Brady is just enough to be an Eagles fan momentarily.


Some Always Root For The Underdog

Nothing like an underdog winning the biggest football game of the year, right?


But Remember, The Eagles Haven't Won A Super Bowl Yet

Then, there's the fact that the Eagles haven't won a Super Bowl yet —which Patriots fans have never forgotten, even for a second.


And People Haven't Forgotten Who Won Last Year

Oh right, the Pats won last year. Almost forgot!


Or Years Past

But again, it's an ongoing (and to some, never-ending, annoying, rude, etc.) joke that opponents won't let fans forget — clearly.


Some Still Wanna Shout It From The Rooftops

Still, Eagles fans stand strong for the world to hear.


When You Want To Throw Some Shade At Eagles Fans

Here's one for the folks rooting for the Pats by default.


And More Shade

Ouch, these are some serious burns.


But Here's The Best Reason Of All To Root For The Eagles

Does it get any cuter? OK, they have my support.

There you have it — tons of Eagles Super Bowl 2018 memes for the Philly fans, the haters, and those who kinda just want to start a war on social media during the big game.