These Easy ‘Westworld’ Halloween Costumes Will Have You Park-Ready In No Time

HBO/John P. Johnson

The HBO hit may have gotten snubbed at the Emmys this year, but that doesn't mean one of these easy Westworld Halloween costumes won't be award-worthy. One of the greatest things about being a character from Westworld is that whether or not others actually watch the show, most costumes are recognizable from being inspired by the iconic Wild West era. And other costumes that aren't Wild West-themed will still make anyone who wears them feel like a badass straight from the fictional park.

An element about Westworld that sets the sci-fi series apart is its unbelievably designed costumes. (It was even nominated for an Outstanding Costumes Emmy this year.) But don't be fooled by the intricate and carefully detailed wardrobe pieces, such as the female hosts' full, floor-length dresses and the male hosts' multi-layered cowboy attire. Most of these looks can be simplified and achieved in no time.

Main characters like Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) have multiple looks that fans can channel, depending on their mood or favorite scene. There are also supporting characters like Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Clementine (Angela Sarafyan), and Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) who all have unique outfits that shouldn't be overlooked. And as far as the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and ringleader Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), their characters may be complex, but their outfits are completely doable.

Yes, Westworld characters are complicated, but their Halloween costumes don't have to be.

1. Dolores' Staple Look

HBO/John P. Johnson

After just one season of the HBO hit, its lead's staple attire became instantly recognizable and iconic. There's also an option to pair it with cowboy boots and take the look the whole way.

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2. Dolores' Pants Look

HBO/John P. Johnson

Join the Westworld hosts' revolution with Dolores' badass pants look. Like Dolores, anyone who channels this mindset and wears this get-up is not to be messed with.

What you'll need: Red Kap Women's Specialized Pocketless Work Shirt, $16-$25, Amazon | Wide Wale Corduroy Fly Front Pants, $60-$70, Appleseed's | Spite Women's Saddleup Western Boot, $17, Amazon | Gun Holster Costume Accessory, $14, Amazon

3. Maeve Pre-Revolution

HBO/John P. Johnson

Take pride in being the most hardheaded and fabulous brothel madam in town — the one who's about to change the game for all of Westworld. Even in a dress.

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4. The Man In Black

HBO/John P. Johnson

No Westworld lover has to be a man to channel the mysterious "man in black." for Halloween. Plus, who doesn't need a little more black in their wardrobe (if they don't have tons of it already)?

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5. Armistice

HBO/John P. Johnson

Armistice is the take-no-prisoners cowgirl with an edge, and her wardrobe certainly reflects that. Being this host for Halloween also means gathering great pieces to wear separately even after the holiday (maybe except for the fake gun belt holster).


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6. Charlotte Hale Look 1

HBO/John P. Johnson

Charlotte Hale is as sleek and sophisticated (most of the time) as her wardrobe. This look entails rocking a uniquely colored dress that's also work-appropriate, of course.

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7. Charlotte Hale Look 2

HBO/John P. Johnson

Charlotte may be conniving and whatnot. But no one can deny her outfits — the ones she wears taking down Westworld one scheme at a time — are awesome. This other option displays her classy and distinct taste.

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8. Charlotte Hale Look 3

HBO/John P. Johnson

If blue (and being totally ruthless) is for you, this Charlotte look is super simple to pull off. Being at the office doesn't mean having to tone down looking sexy.

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9. Maeve In Her Nightgown

HBO/John P. Johnson

It's very simple (and comfortable) to be Maeve during her interrogation while she's in a night gown. Just use a pair of scissors to slice small slits along the top of the gown and pull the pink lace through. Voilà, you're on the brink of the revolution.

What you'll need: Shadowline Women's Silhouette 53 Inch Sleeveless Long Gown (sizes S-3X), $26-$51, Amazon | Solid Color Satin Ribbon (dark pink), $4, Amazon | Scissors

10. Hector Escaton

HBO/John P. Johnson

Hector is like a hybrid of fellow host Armistice and the man in black. Get the best of both worlds while channeling this sexy host cowboy.

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11. Clementine

HBO/John P. Johnson

Clementine's extravagant and detailed dress on the show shouldn't steer fans away from being her for Halloween. Any lookalike dress will do, especially when paired with some late 1800s accessories and cowboy boots.


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12. Dr. Robert Ford

HBO/John P. Johnson

Sometimes it's fun to be the dark, twisted, brooding bad guy. Get his sophisticated and devilish look with a few simple pieces.

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13. Park Employee

HBO/John P. Johnson

This character may not have had the most screen time, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun to portray. Pair the sleek look with a pulled-back bun to really let people know you mean business.

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14. Lawrence

HBO/John P. Johnson

Lawrence is a cowboy with a pop of color, because kicking butt is totally doable in purple. He may not be the most well-known character, but this outfit is still a statement.


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15. Mae On The Loose

HBO/John P. Johnson

Just two easy pieces are all it takes to portray the badassery that is the Westworld revolution. Mae's on a mission in this epic finale scene and this outfit (paired with a top bun) reflects that.

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Now who's ready to tackle Halloween, Westworld style?