Ellen DeGeneres Just Scared The Crap Out Of Sam Smith & It's Honestly Her Best Prank Ever

Sam Smith is a chart-topping recording artist, a Grammy winner, and a human who apparently hangs up his hat in a haunted house. And just like a Ghostbuster, he ain’t afraid of no ghost. Recurring chat show pranks, however, are a different story. Ellen DeGeneres successfully scared Sam Smith on Tuesday's episode of her talk show, therefore doing the thing the ghosts in his home cannot do. The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show decided to test Smith's scare threshold not once, but twice. Hil-scare-ity ensued.

When the Finding Dory star brought up the haunted house that Smith lives in, he confirmed that there seems to be something spooky going on in the Hampstead dwelling. The "Stay With Me" singer told DeGeneres that he believes “there are ghosts everywhere,” adding that his sister “feels like someone’s staring at her while she sleeps” in the 300-year-old home. However, Smith doesn’t seem to worried about the situation; he and the ghosts apparently have a relatively chill bond.

He explained,

“But I feel quite friendly with them. I have a good relationship with the ghosts. Sometimes at night I get up and I'm just like, 'Leave me alone.' And they do! I feel like [they'll listen] if you just talk to them, like, 'Please! I just need to sleep!’”

DeGeneres asked if he truly doesn’t get the willies when he’s “in a house and there's somebody right next to you, staring at you,” a scenario that would most certainly give most mortals the willies. He replied, “Not really,” and right on cue, someone in a ghost costume snuck up behind his chair and tapped him on the shoulder. Smith screamed, laughed, pointed at the conspicuous box situated between their armchairs, and said, “I was waiting for it to come out of this.”

He wasn’t wrong to expect that from the notorious prankster: Just last week, someone in a Harry Styles-esque ensemble catapulted out of the container and surprised Niall Horan. And the former One Direction member is just one of many famous folks to experience the box's merciless wrath.

Right when Smith seemed to think the jump scare segment of the interview was over and done with, a second person popped out from that very box, yelled in his face, and scampered away. That one did Smith in. He curled up in a ball, dropped a cuss word, and said, “My heart. I’m not singing again.”

This isn’t the first time The Tale of Sam Smith’s Haunted House has reared its ghastly head. In a recent interview for Beats 1 Radio, Smith told Zane Lowe all about his haunted house. While they were hanging out in the kitchen of his haunted house, Smith said,

“Basically, this whole building was an old school, and it’s split into five different houses now. I think this was, like, the nuns’ quarters, probably. Haunted for sure … I hear sh*t every night. Walking up the stairs … And my sister says she can feel someone watching her [while she sleeps].”

There are ghosts who regularly lumber up the stairs and look at you while you try to get some shuteye? Well, that sure sounds like a relaxing night’s sleep.

To recap: Smith is totally fine cohabiting with specters, which are not to be confused with James Bond movie Spectre, for which he performed the Academy Award-winning song “Writing’s on the Wall.” However, he’s not on board with mortals in costumes leaping at him like Knott’s Scary Farm actors that missed the exit for the theme park and ended up at the soundstage where DeGeneres films her show. Boo-ly, er, duly noted.