People Tested Out These News Shoes By Walking Over 700,000 Miles In Them

When you hear the term "day glove," shoes are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But when you see Everlane's new flats aka the Day Glove, the name starts to make a bit more sense. Designed as an everyday, ultra comfortable shoe that "fits like a glove," the flat looks like a slightly more practical, sturdy version of a ballet flat. According to the brand's website, the shoe is made from a "buttery soft leather that molds to your foot for a perfect, custom fit." According to the brand, this molded-to-your-foot feature is a big part of what makes the Day Glove so unique and so comfortable. But if you're not quite ready to take the Everlane's description at face value, there are a few other reviews you can check out. Everlane gave 100 people the new shoes in exchange for their honest feedback on the Day Glove's walkability, appearance, and overall thoughts on the style.

After testing, the 100 customers had walked a combined total of over 700,000 steps in the shoes — and had some thoughts about exactly what it is that makes the shoes so wearable. While the 100 reviewers all had slightly different takeaways from the shoes overall, there was one description that came up again and again: that they actually fit like gloves. Everlane collected the reviews and shared the results exclusively with Bustle.

"I loved that it literally felt like it fits your foot like a glove. Because of how high the top/front flat comes up it really grabs to your foot," reviewer Stephanie Montemayor wrote.

This review highlights another unique aspect of this shoe. While it looks like a ballet flat, it's slightly different in the sense that the front comes up further on the foot, preventing it from slipping off as easily. More than one person mentioned this in their review, noting that this feature made the shoe feel more wearable for a longer period of time.

"I love that the shoe comes up higher to cover more of the top of your foot — it helps them feel more secure (truly - like a glove!) and allows you to pivot more and move without thinking about your shoe falling off or sliding around your foot," reviewer Erin Merhar said.

The design is certainly unique and at first may feel a little different. It's not quite a loafer, not quite a ballet flat. But this is what makes them so versatile, as so many reviewers wrote.

One reviewer even wore the shoes "right out of the box" and then walked 20,000 steps over the weekend only to have the most minimal amount of "breaking in" pain. Another reviewer said that after over 7,000 steps of walking she returned home and didn't even want to take them off immediately — the only time this has ever happened with a shoe, she wrote.

Aside from the comfort level, the other common thread through the 100 reviews is the quality of the leather. Reviewers used words like "beautiful," "supple," and "sumptuous" to describe the feel of the material on the shoe, which goes to show you just how luxurious the shoe feels.

In terms of construction, the other notable aspect of the shoe is its vents. Yes, its vents. These side vents allow air to flow through the shoe, and therefore keep your foot cool and, well, less sweaty and gross than it would be without vents. This explains why walking 10 or 20,000 steps comfortable was possible for all of the reviewers.

At $110, the shoe isn't cheap, but the quality of it is part of the appeal. If you're looking for a shoe that can be dressed up, dressed down, and can comfortably take you everywhere you're going this summer... this might be it.