Ranking All 23 Songs From The 'Jonas' TV Show, From Most Forgettable To Totally Infectious

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We're living in the era of the Jonas Brothers 2.0. Since the band announced their reunion in February, they've released two new singles, "Sucker" and "Cool" — the first music they've made together in six years. So while fans are celebrating the second coming of the former Disney darlings (Pastel suits! More explicitly sexy lyrics! Sophie Turner sipping champagne in a bathtub!), we're also looking back to their previous time in the spotlight. And that includes the Disney Channel original series Jonas, which premiered 10 (!) years ago, in May 2009, and starred Kevin, Joe, and Nick as... themselves? Sort of?

In the show's first season, the boys played a successful band who still, for some reason (probably the cute, preppy uniforms), attended high school — sort of Hannah Montana-ish, except everyone there knew who they are. Yet when the show came back for Season 2, the concept had changed completely. Now called Jonas L.A., the band ditched school and moved to Los Angeles, along with their friend/stylist Stella (Chelsea Kane) and friend/superfan Macy (Nicole Anderson).

What stayed consistent across the show's short life were the original songs featured in every episode. Because why give a bunch of pop stars a series if they're not going to sing? Sure, Jonas won't go down in history as the best Disney sitcom of all time, but it did expand the band's discography and birthed some legitimate bops. In honor of the anniversary, I've ranked all the songs performed on the show, (minus the covers), from "most forgettable" to "most likely to stick in your head until you finally get to see the Jonas Brothers in concert again."


"I Did It All Again"

Nick fights off writer's block in the Season 1 episode "Complete Repeat." Unfortunately, the best he can come up with is this toothless rock song.


"Tell Me Why"

This one shows up in a few episodes in Season 1 and, like a lot of songs on the soundtrack, focuses on Joe's unrequited crush on Stella. It wouldn't have a prayer of making the cut of an actual Jonas Brothers album, though.


"Work It Out"

This Season 1 track has a nice Beatles flavor to it, but ultimately, it's pretty unremarkable.


"Time Is On Our Side"

Yasssss, now we're getting to some songs that are worthy of the band — and this one has a pajama party-themed video.


"Set This Party Off"

Across the board, the music and music videos of Jonas L.A. were way more ambitious than those of Jonas. (This season was also the only one to get an official soundtrack release.) And most of the tunes, like "Set This Party Off," have a sunny, low-key, So-Cal vibe.


"Chillin' In The Summertime"

As I was saying! Another Jonas L.A. song, another sun-kissed video. Note Nick fulfilling his characterization as "the serious one" by ordering his brothers around.



Honestly, Season 2 was just hit after hit after hit. "Drive" has a full horn section!


"Keep It Real"

"Keep It Real" is an interesting case, because while it makes for an on-brand push for the show, it sounds completely out of place on the band's broody studio album Lines, Vines and Trying Times.



The metaphor isn't exactly fresh, but to be fair, Joe does actually get a terrible cold in this episode, which threatens a date-type-thing he has with Stella.


"Make It Right"

Season 2 advanced crushes into full-blown relationship drama, with the sad-boy love ballads to go with it.


"Hey You"

Do I know what this song is supposed to be about? No! Am I instantly in on any song that starts with the words "mic check"? Hell, yes.


"Live To Party"

You'll recognize the Jonas theme song if you also own the band's album A Little Bit Longer. The lyrics sound like they were composed by a bot that emulates adults who try to talk like teens around their kids, but it's cute.


"Summer Rain"

Can we make this one "song of the summer" nine-ish years late? Either way, it's on every single one of my summer hangout playlists.


"Things Will Never Be The Same"

This track could have absolutely made it onto a JB studio album, which goes to show how Season 2 leaned more into the band's actual sound instead of making the series more kid-friendly.



Truly, there's nothing better than Joe Jonas wailing through a melodramatic ballad. There wasn't then, and there still isn't now.



I love the soul-stirring chorus on this one. Also, I'm going to assume that the upside down room thing was inspired by *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" video, which influenced us all.


"L.A. Baby"

Along with its new plot and setting, Jonas L.A. got a new theme song: the utterly singable "L.A. Baby."



There is one reason and one reason alone why "Scandinavia" is so high on this list: Kevin. Jonas. Solo. Jonas gave us what none of the band's other projects ever did — the eldest Jonas claiming the spotlight he so deserves. Look at him go!


"Pizza Girl"

The setup is simple: all three boys develop a crush on their local pizza delivery girl, shenanigans ensue. But what really makes this song special is that the woman of their dreams is played by none other than Vanderpump Rules cast member Scheana Marie Shay. Wonder why she never brings it up on the show?



"Critical" is just a great torch song to start with — ideal for scoring a romantic dash to the airport. The Nick-only, stripped-down piano version is lovely too.


"Give Love A Try"

The first ever episode of Jonas features Nick developing a thing for a classmate played by Bridgit Mendler. It results in this sweet, coffeeshop-appropriate love song, which got a Joe-forward cover later in the season.


"Your Biggest Fan"

Long before "Levels" and "Bacon" and most of the rest of Nick's solo career, fans were not expecting him to bust out a rap verse or to call anybody "shorty." Yet in "Your Biggest Fan," the song that cemented Macy and Nick as the other Jonas L.A. couple, he does both, and it's equal parts adorable and secondhand embarrassing. I love it.


"Feelin' Alive"

And in the number one spot, a top-down, screaming-out-into-the-wind, power-pop anthem that could have easily been a real single. "Feelin' Alive' is as infectious as any of the Jonas Brothers' major hits and deserves a lot more love.

Unfortunately, Jonas itself isn't streaming for free anywhere, so you'll have to purchase episodes on iTunes to make it a part of your JB reunion festivities. But the songs were far and away the best part of the show, and you can enjoy those anytime.