Eyelash Mites Are A Thing So It's Time To Cry Your Lashes Off

Miles Willis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't freak out, but there could be tiny little eyelash mites living in your lashes right now. You might not be able to see them with the naked eye, but there's a good chance that they're burrowing into your facial hair at this very moment. Thankfully, there's a way to get rid of them and prevent them from setting up camp on your face.

I know that this sounds like a beauty nightmare, but this is real life. As Cosmopolitan found, if you're a makeup wearer, there could possibly be tiny, microscopic bugs living in your lashes. The publications says that the mites burrow into the lash line, feed off dead skin, and even lay eggs.

It's not all that uncommon, either. As CBS News found, millions of people are living with them right now. Symptoms include itchy eyelashes in the morning, dandruff-looking flakes at the base of your lid, and blurred vision.

How do these little bugs get into your lashes, you ask? Well, the answer is hidden in the most commonly missed beauty step.

There is one golden rule when it comes to beauty — always take your makeup off at the end of the day. Well, it turns out that it's not just an annoying thing that people love to preach. According to Health Status, wearing and excessive amount of makeup and not washing your face are two ways that the mites can get into your lashes.

All of that might sound like bad news, but there's actually a way to prevent your facial hair from mites. According to Consumer Health Digest, tea tree can get rid of and prevent mites. Along with making sure to wash your face at the end of the day and making sure to give your skin a break from makeup every now and then, there are specific products made just for the prevention of mites.

Here are the items to stock up on, if you're looking to prevent eyelash mites once and for all.

1. Eyelash Cleanser

Tea Tree Eyelid Foaming Cleanser, $20, Jet

Just like there are cleansers for your face, there are ones made specifically for your lids as well. This foaming wash is safe to use around your eyes. It will get rid of stubborn makeup and (hopefully) prevent those mites from popping up.

2. Tea Tree Facial Wash

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, $2.59, The Body Shop

If you're looking for a way to prevent all your facial hair from getting infiltrated, this is the wash for you. Tea Tree isn't just for mites, either. This product is branded to help acne prone skin, too.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Eyelid Cleansing Oil, $24, Jet

Consumer Health Digest recommends taking a few drop of tea tree oil on a Q-tip and applying it to the outside base of your eyelids. Make sure to find an oil that is approved for topical use and never apply directly into your eye.

4. Clensing Wipes

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes, $14.50, Ulta

If all the above items sound like too much work to add into your nightly routine, this is the one for you. You can remove your makeup and protect your eyes all with one easy step.

5. Tea Tree Body Bar

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar, $8.50, Ulta

While you're at it, why not protect the rest of your body, too? Not only is this cleansing soap known for healing properties, but it also exfoliates the skin as well. It's an all around win.

The world is a scary place, but there are beauty products to protect us. Plus, it gives you an excuse to do some shopping — and smell good.