Facebook Will Soon Let You Virtually Try On Makeup In Ads Because The Future Is Now

There's something special about going to a store and trying on different shades of lipsticks before you buy. But soon you'll be able to do the same thing through Facebook. As reported by Buzzfeed News, Facebook will soon have makeup and accessory try-on ads. That means that you'll be able to upload a photo of yourself and try on different shades of beauty items and accessories through the site. The future is here, my friends.

If you thought that Facebook knowing which ads you're interested in is incredible, just wait until you see what's next. Not only will your favorite fashion and beauty ads pop up on your screen, but you'll actually be able to put yourself in them. Facebook announced the augmented reality (AR) feature in July, but the company is working on perfecting it for the holiday season.

Here's how it will work. An ad will pop up on your Facebook feed in the middle of all those engagement photos and ranting political conversations. You'll then be able to tap on the photo, upload a photo of yourself, and choose different accessories or makeup shades. The different items will pop right up on your image, showing you what you'll look like in the item.

That's not all, either. The ads will then let you purchase the exact item right from the Facebook ad. Say hello to a whole new definition of impulse buy. Of course, you will also feel a little more confident in your online purchase, since you get to try it on before you buy it.

Facebook will be testing the ads throughout the rest of the summer, and, according to the Facebook announcement, is aimed to go live just in time for holiday shopping. If not having to go to crowded malls doesn't get you into the holiday spirit, then what will?

According to the company's post, Michael Kors is the first fashion brand to get involved with the AR ads. The fashion company already started testing the new Facebook addition, and seem to like the new way to visually shop, as BuzzFeed reports.

“We see augmented reality as an emerging and important part of our customer-centric mobile strategy," Michael Kors tells BuzzFeed News. "We know our customer is highly visual, and we are always looking for ways to deliver experiences that are not only unexpected but relevant, personalized and useful to her in her shopping journey.”

Michael Kors isn't the only brand getting involved in all the AR fun, though. According to Facebook, Sephora is also interested int he technology. That means that you can find your perfect lipstick shade without even having to leave your couch.

According to Facebook' post, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) says that "80 million people in the US engage with AR on a monthly basis and BCG expects this number to grow to more than 120 million by 2021." Aka that's a whole lot of people that will love the ad.

Beauty and fashion are not the only realms of AR ads that will be hitting Facebook, either. Facebook says in the announcement that the company will be creating the AR experience for furniture, gaming, and entertainment as well. So no matter what you love, you can get an interactive ad on your feed.

Shopping honestly can't get any easier than this. But beyond the ease-factor, it also brings an interesting layer to online shopping. Virtually trying on accessories and makeup will not only make the buyer more comfortable with the purchase, but will also cut down on returns as well. What a time to be alive.