Fashion Nova Sells Scrubs For Women With Curves & They Are Actually Super Affordable

Of all of the questionable things to surface on Fashion Nova, you would think there would be nothing left to surprise you. But just when you thought nearly all of the fits found through its pages deserved a hard side eye, Fashion Nova starts selling an entire collection of scrubs (offers sizes XS-3X). You weren't ready for that knowledge yet, were you?

Whether or not you're a fan of the fashion site that Instagram influencers built, you have to respect the fact that this is what versatility looks like. Fashion Nova is known for its skin tight body con dresses and skimpy sets, so this line of full body scrubs strays quite a bit from the bread and butter of the brand.

Despite this being one of the more modest collections to come out of the site for millennials, the scrubs are selling like any other collection sells on the site—fast. Many sizes of certain styles have already sold out. So if you know a doctor, nurse, or frequent scrub-wearer looking for some cute and basic scrubs, Fashion Nova may be the right fit.

Shoppers will also be happy to know that the scrubs are actually super affordable, too. In an assortment of a bunch of cool-toned colors, the collection of scrub sets range from $11.99-$28.99, so you can stand to pick up a few.

If you happen to be in the market for some new scrubs, here are the best picks.

Vital Signs Fitted Scrub Set

A lot of scrubs weren't designed for women (because sexism), but Fashion Nova's market caters to curvier women, so this fitted scrub set may just hug your curves more comfortable. Oh! And there are pockets, so there's that.

Always On Call V-Neck Scrub Top

Sometimes a basic V-neck with pockets is all you need for a late night shift. The "Always On Call" scrub top comes in pewter and, of course, black.

Life Saver V-Neck Scrubs Top

It may be risky working with patients all day while wearing white, but you have to admit you'll be doing it in style. The Life Saver V-neck is sort of that more classic doctor's outfit. But minus the lab coat.

Miracle Worker Classic Scrub Set

Maybe you're not one who wants to spend the extra dough on separates. Luckily Fashion Nova also sells their scrubs in sets. It's easier to toss it on and be out the door.

Be Patient Contrast Scrub Top

The Be Patient Contrast Scrub Top from Fashion Nova is basically the style you'll see when you walk through the front door of your esthetician's office. If modern is your nurse vibe, shoot for this mock wrap scrub top.