Feminist iPhone Apps To Help Lead The Resistance

The unfortunate reality of 2017 is this: it has fallen to ordinary citizens to lead the resistance and fight for our rights in this Brave New World of a Trump administration. So how are people, particularly women, pushing back? Women are using technology to held lead the resistance.

Technology is a force to be reckoned with. It has the ability to enter into sectors other means of communication can't. Whether its into our phone, computer, or television, the technology of social media informs us about what is happening in the world. The ability to communicate with more people means a greater ability to get the word out. With that more people become aware of a situation and what can be done to help it.

Other ways technology is used are to educate and prevent. In times where a person is given limited information about things such as their body, a website might be the only way for them to learn. When a woman finds herself in a potentially dangerous situation, the ability to discretely alert someone can save lives.

As much as we complain about being addicted to our phones and how much we need a break from technology, in the end it can be a really great thing. It is the key way the fight for our rights is spreading. As we see others act it inspires us to act too. Read on for ways women are using technology to help lead the resistance.


Text Message Updates

Sarah Fielding/Bustle

Every day, I get a text update from an organization such as Planned Parenthood or NARAL telling me about a relevant piece of news that was just released or events coming up in my area. Having this information delivered right to my phone helps keep me engaged throughout the day. It's a creative way for pro-women organizations to keep the resistance moving and motivated.


Circle Of 6

Circle of 6

This app allows you to discretely ask for help getting home. Your "Circle of 6" is six of your friends who you can contact. Circle of 6 has pre-programmed text messages behind each picture to speed the process up. It is the winner of the Avon Foundation for Women/Institute of Medicine "Ending Violence @Home."


Increased Sex Education

With many in the current administration believing in an abstinence only approach to sex education, it is more important than ever to make sure everyone is able to access information. One great example is Amaze Org, a Youtube channel dedicated to exploring sex education for all situations and people. When you know about your body, you feel more empowered to stand up for your right to it. Videos also cover topics such as gender identity.


Tampon Run

Tampon Run

This app looks like an old school video game but its message is very modern. Luna, the main character, is looking to rid the world of menstruation haters by throwing tampons at them. Tampon Run asks, "How many enemies can you enlighten." The app was created by two high school girls who met at Girls Who Code. Tampon Run was their final project.

We are fortunate to live in a world with access to technology. It allows us to unite, organize and learn. Join the fight through one of these means or create one yourself. The resistance fights on.