This 'Alice in Wonderland' Brush Set Will Help You Get Ready For A Very Important Date

No matter how old you are, you're never too old for Disney. You might have rent to pay and a grownup job to get to, but when a new brand drops something fairy-tale-related you can't help but turn back into seven-year-old you and get excited about it. Which is what makes Flawless Lighting's Alice in Wonderland makeup brushes so great - they bring the Kingdom of Hearts' magic to your own beauty routine.

Whether you have the original Lewis Carroll hardcover book or grew up watching Alice nibble the growing and shrinking cookies on TV, Wonderland's story is one of the most fantastical. From disappearing Cheshire cats, to opium smoking caterpillars, to boisterous tea parties with fancy hats, there's a lot to love in the tale. So much so that when you see a chance to bring some of that whimsy into your own makeup bag, you'll be hard pressed not to grab it.

Flawless Lighting's brush collection is a five-piece rose gold set that will take care of everything from your cheekbones to your eyes. For those who have never heard of the brand before, it's a mix of tech accessories and quirky makeup tools, with the goal of making your everyday items a little more playful. You can find everything from Glitter Mermaid Foundation Brushes there, to cat shaped ring lights, to mint green selfie sticks. And these new brushes are no exception.

Made being 100 percent cruelty-free, these brushes are as fanciful as the story itself. They come decorated with charms that are specific to the tale, making you think of Alice's adventures as you blend in your smokey eye or buff in your blush.

Three of the brushes that are specific for eyeshadow have charms on their ends, making them easy to spot in your brush container. The angled eyeshadow brush has the White Rabbit, or Nivens McTwisp, wearing a yellow bejeweled jacket and holding out his clock. Using this to sweep on your eyeliner will hopefully make you aware of how much time you have left before you need to put on your shoes and go — after all, you don't want to be late for that very important date!

The contoured blending brush has a red heart surrounded by elaborate gold curls that turn into the letter "A," representing both the villain of the movie — the Queen of Hearts — and Alice herself. Then the cut crease brush is topped off with a star-accented top hat, in honor of the Mad Hatter and his tea party.

Moving on to the face brushes, these tools have their charms right underneath the heads rather than the ends. The powder brush has the White Rabbit's clock on it, and it's surrounded by the talking flowers that Alice encountered in the beginning of her journey, as well as a falling Alice on the side, representing that moment she first crawled into the tree and fell down the dimension hole.

The contour brush tips its hat to the Mad Hatter with its charm, displaying the tea pot from Alice's impromptu tea party with him, the Dormouse, and the March Hare. The three are forever stuck during tea time because when the Mad Hatter went to perform for the Queen of Hearts at a celebration, she sentenced him to death for "murdering time." He escaped getting his head chopped off, but Time was miffed for the attempted crime and decided not to associate with the Hatter anymore — making him stuck at 6:00 forever more, or tea time.

All of this playfulness can be part of your own makeup routine if you nab the brushes yourself — put on your eyeshadow with Alice's help and see what adventures you get into.