Florence Pugh's Favourite Brand Of Tea Is The Same As Yours

Isabel Infantes - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Right. I'm calling it. Florence Pugh has the most wholesome Instagram account on the internet at this present moment. Sure, Pugh may be a big-time actor but she punctuates all her glamorous red carpet photos with the purest, homeliest content you could ask for, and I'm here for it. Yesterday, Pugh received a personalised box of Yorkshire teabags and her reaction was as brilliant as you'd imagine.

In her candid Instagram style, the Little Women star posted a photo of her gifted 'Florence's teabags' while wearing a smile so big you can almost see her thoughts. In the caption, Florence says she's "OVER THE MOON" with her gift and reveals she, in fact, carries a "travel stash" of Yorkshire Tea in her rucksacks at all times.

Arguably, Yorkshire tea drinkers are some of the most vocal UK tea drinkers (sorry PG Tips), and Pugh's passion runs deeps. The 24-year-old shares: "I remember my grandad revealing a large stash of Yorkshire gold in his pantry and saying 'we drink Yorkshire.' Done. Educated."

At the time of writing, the picture has received more than 200,000 likes and Pugh's fans are enjoying the brew-appreciation post.

"YOU OWN MY ENTIRE HEART," wrote one besotted user.

"You are my fav person, the fact that we both have an obsession for tea and cactuses," shared another, referring to a recent plant-based post from the star.

It's not the first time the actress had people completely enamoured by her Instagram content and stories of her adorable-sounding grandparents. The internet collectively cooed when Pugh shared a step-by-step marmalade tutorial to her Instagram stories earlier this week. And the final result even caught the attention of Paddington Bear himself. It seems that she’s inherited her love for making the spread from her grandma, who “makes the best marmalade in the world.”

Pugh's cooking escapades didn't start with marmalade, however. Last month, she received an ice cream maker for her birthday and, of course, decided to make some ice cream. However, she accidentally picked a Michelin starred recipe and declared “no one told me that it’s really f**king complicated to make.” Again, so relatable.

Whether it's her love of sweet spreads or a good brew, we hope Pugh continues to inject some good, wholesome content onto our Instagram feeds.

The question is, could a 'proper brew' tea tutorial be on the horizon? Hear me out. How strong? Milk in before bag (I dread to think)? Do we dare add sugar? Just an idea, Florence.