This Witchy Bath Bomb Is Every 'Hocus Pocus' Fan's Dream

If you're into experimenting with witchy and appropriately creepy beauty products during the Halloween season, then Fragrant Jewels' Unicorn Bath Bomb might just be up your alley. There are so many options for spooky beauty during October that your vanity probably looks more like a monster's beauty chest right about now.

From swapping out your business-as-usual eye palettes for shadows with names like Seven Sisters Eye Soot or dabbling in liquid lipsticks with names like "Morticia" and "Sea Witch," the season becomes a little more festive when you surround yourself with spooky products. This bath bomb is no different. It will turn your relaxing bath into a dark, eerie, pampering affair fit for the darkest of witches.

Named the Wicked Unicorn Bath Bomb, this bath product looks like something out of a coven's lair.

"Take a soak on the dark side with the Wicked Unicorn Bath Bomb," Fragrant Jewels writes in their product description. "This bath bomb is made for mythical vixens who love to pamper their skin. It is teardrop-shaped, handcrafted and dusted with sparkles."

As if that doesn't sound good enough, the bath bomb has game-changing ingredients like sweet almond oil to leave your skin smooth and soft, as well as Dead Sea salt for exfoliating purposes. It has a medley of scents included (including undertones of Crème Brûlée!), but its top notes are dragon fruit, Açaí berry, purple freesia, and tangerine.

Wicked Unicorn Bath Bomb, $17, Fragrant Jewels

The best part, though, are the pretty colors that fizz out of the bomb on contact with water. The gorgeous product will turn your bath into a dark, swirling galaxy of glittery black, purple, blue and pink. You will be left with a glittering dark purple bath, making it feel like you're swimming in a witch's potion. When the bomb completely dissolves, there is a secret surprise — a crystal ring that floats to the top of your bath like a present in the tub.

The Wicked Unicorn Bath Bomb is a dark spin-off of the original Unicorn Tears Bath Bomb, which fizzes out into more cheerful pink, yellow, and teal hues.

If you want to keep the spooky vibes going and stock up on a bunch of different Halloween inspired bath products, here are a few more suggestions to get you going.


Wicked Bath Bomb

Wicked Bath Bomb, $15, Fragrant Jewels

Labeled as limited edition, this bath bomb will let you swim through black, glittering water. It melts away into a rich musk, sweet vanilla and smoked wood smell, which would be perfect for moonlit bath times.



Hedgewitch, $8, Lush

Running off of the "witch theme," drop this bar into your bathtub and its bubbling green and orange potion will grant you smooth skin almost instantly.


Candy Corn Mini Bath Bomb

Candy Corn Mini Bath Bomb, $4, Etsy

Blended with gentle notes of butter and almond, this bath bomb has ingredients like citric acid and Kaolin clay to draw out the toxins from your skin, while cocoa butter will make your skin softer.


Witches Brew Cauldron Bath Bomb

Witches Brew Cauldron Bath Bomb, $4, Etsy

This potion smells like berries while its brewing, with dominant notes of blackberries and fuzzy peaches. The only downside is it might be too pretty to use.


Glow In The Dark Blood Gushing Skull

Glow In The Dark Blood Gushing Skull, $5, Etsy

Bone white and blood splattered, this creepy bath bomb glows green when you turn off the lights. And to make you think of trick-or-treating as your bath water turns a bloody red, it gives off a true licorice scent.

Whether you go an evil unicorn route or choose a more traditional creepy aesthetic, a spooky bath bomb is the ultimate Halloween treat yourself.