French Fry Deals For National Fry Day

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

My undying love for a piping-hot bag full of salty, golden french fries has endured for 27 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, I once walked a drunken mile (both ways) to the McDonald’s in my college town for a late-night, super-sized fix. Just like Pizza Rat lugging his precious feast around town, I’ll go to great lengths to get my favorite snack. Thankfully, these National Fry Day deals are making it easier than ever to get your hands on a hot batch of fries — for free!

A word of advice: never share fries with me. I’ll eat them all, unapologetically, then ask you to go buy more. If you put a bag of McDonald’s french fries in front of me, I’ll snarf the whole thing down in a matter of minutes like some fox in the woods. I’ve even pulled the old, “no salt on the fries, please ... JK changed my mind can I actually have 20 packets of salt?” trick in the drive-thru more times than I’d care to admit. French fries are basically a double-edged sword: they’re unparalleled in their deliciousness, but impossible to step away from. And if you're itching to indulge on National Fry Day, here’s where to get free (or nearly free) fries all day long on Jul. 13.

1. McDonald's

Place an order on the app (you’ll have to download it) and get a medium-sized fry for free. And as a bonus, you can cash this deal in every day between now and Sept. 7.

2. Carl’s Jr.

Sign up for CJ’s email list and you’ll get a free small fry and drink. But there’s a catch: You’ll have to purchase a $6 burger to cash in the deal.

3. Arby's

Arby’s is giving away a free order of curly fries and a drink with every Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwich.

4. Bob Evans

Crusin’ down the Interstate? Pull over at the next Bob Evans you see and get yourself some free fries. You’ll have to like their Facebook page and print out a coupon first though, but if you manage to do all that, you’ll be munching on a free appetizer-sized order of sweet potato fries in no time.

5. Dairy Queen

Not quite free, but pretty close to free. Snag an order of fries for just $1 on National Fry Day at participating locations.

6. BurgerFi

Swing by this chain and order a burger or hot dog and they’ll throw in a free order of regular-sized fries. Just be sure to mention their Fry Day Facebook post while you’re at it.

7. Wienerschnitzel

The chain is knocking a buck off the price of chili-cheese fries all month long. Print out this coupon to get the deal.

8. Wingstop

Join the Wingstop eClub and you’ll get a large order of fries fo’ free!

9. Houlihan’s

Stop by Houlihan’s and order your choice of parmesan frites or regular fries and enjoy free refills in honor of National Fry Day.