Gabi Fresh's New Swimsuit Line Highlights All The Body Parts Fat Girls Are Taught To Hide

On the heels of Eloquii's "So Good You'll Want To Wear It Anywhere" campaign comes a girl gang of fat women galavanting carefree on a boardwalk. And it's beautiful. Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All's latest collection not only has the fatkinis of your dreams, but it's a celebration of the parts that fat women are taught to hide. Basically, this amusement park themed campaign with its plethora of patterns, colors, and silhouettes is about give you swimwear goals like you've never seen.

Unless you've not been shopping for swimwear lately (and the weather is getting warm so you should be), you've probably heard of Gabi Fresh (aka Gabi Gregg) and her work with Swimsuits For All. The model, fashion blogger, and Premme co-founder has been partnering with the brand for a few years now, and each time she does, the suits seem to get better and better.

Gregg's latest work with the brand is filled with bold patterns, vibrant colors, and bikinis, things that plus women are often told not to wear. The collection (and her previous collections) fly in the face of these so called fashion rules, and the result is swimsuits that are trendy and perfect for any body that wants to don them. They're a marvel, and you'll want every one.

When Gregg's initial 2018 collection launched, she also opened up a casting call for models to join her in her next launch. This amusement park campaign, called Power Play, is the result of the casting, and all of the models seen in the images and videos were selected specifically for this campaign. Lucky ladies, right? Just check out these gorgeous suits!

While the fatkinis in the Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All Power Play collection are stunning, they aren't alone. Gregg and the brand have crafted silhouettes for whatever you need. Whether you want to show off your shoulders in a one piece or can't get enough of a sexy cut and love some mesh details, it's all there with these designs.

When can you shop the collection? Good news, swimwear lovers. These adorable, vibrantly hued suits are currently available for purchase at the Swimsuits For All website. Which ones should you check out? Here's just a sampling of the incredible designs from Gregg.

1. Vibrant Hues

2. Tropical Prints

3. Pineapple Perfection

4. Rave Mesh

5. Palm Tree Perfect

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect summer swimsuit, Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits For All probably just created the bright, patterned suit of your dreams. To snag one for yourself, grab your credit card and head over to the Swimsuits For All website now. You definitely need one of these suits in your life.