'Game Of Thrones' Flip-Flops Exist Because It Isn't Winter Anymore


"Winter is coming" can have several meanings for Game of Thrones fans. It's the motto of House Stark and a warning about the Long Night. Fans of the show know now, though, that in one very important way, winter is over, and if you want to celebrate, Game of Thrones x Havaianas might be a good way to do just that.

If you haven't seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, now may be a good time to quit reading, but if you have, you know that Arya Stark stole the show in the last few minutes of the episode by killing the Night King. Stark said, "Not today," to the God of Death and beasted one of the show's biggest bads and eliminated the chance for a repeat of the dreaded Long Night.

Now, considering that the endless winter is no longer coming, break out your Game of Thrones flip flops because yes, they exist. Classic sandal company Havaianas has launched a collection of thong sandals inspired by Westeros, and not only can you get them now on the Havaianas website, but they also won't break the bank. With spring here and summer on its way, why not wear your fandom on your feet?

The Game of Thrones x Havaianas collection features Westoros-inspired sandals, which is great if you've got a multitude of favorite characters. Instead of making you chose a favorite house or person from the series, you're basically just repping the show.

The collection features three different designs with all of the shoes coming in both men's and women's sizing. The first is a pair that features a map of Westeros. The second pair is all about the Iron Throne. Finally, you can snag a pair that represent the fire and ice theme of the show with one sandal featuring the Targaryen sigil and the other with House Stark (get it? Fire and ice?).

As for the price, no, these aren't your $1 Old Navy flip flops. Havaianas' sandals are durable and the new Game of Thrones flip flops are in direct partnership with HBO. You will be paying more for these than your Old Navy styles (but those are great, too). However, don't worry too much. The shoes won't break the bank. All of the new flip flops ring in at $26.

Of course, Havaianas isn't the only brand that's worked directly with the series to celebrate the final season. In April, Urban Decay launched their official Game of Thrones makeup collection which included everything from highlighters to eyeshadow to lipsticks. Then, there's the Alex & Ani Game of Thrones jewelry where you can support some of your favorite Westerosi women like Arya or Sansa Stark.

Whether you're a makeup, jewelry, or shoe kind of person, there's a Game of Thrones themed product out there for you. If you can't wait for summer, though, the Game of Thrones x Havaianas flip flops should definitely make it into your shopping cart so you can wear your fandom on your feet.