Gigi Hadid's Maybelline Palette Just Dropped & It's Absolutely Perfect For Travel


Who would better know how to create a jetsetter's dream palette than a supermodel? That's where Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Jetsetter Palette comes in, ready to address all your frequent flier needs. From constantly hopping onto transcontinental flights for runways, living out of a suitcase, and not having the comfort of her own makeup collection at her fingertips, Hadid is clearly the person to go to when trying to find out what a traveler would need in one compact kit.

The Jetsetter Palette packs all your essentials: You get four eye shadows in champagne, light pink, matte brown, and a deep navy blue, two concealers, two lip balms in a nude pink and deep rose, a peachy highlighter, a matte bronzer or contour shadow, and a deep blush — and it comes with two travel size brushes. Feels like a handful, right? It's fabulous, and can slip right into your purse so you can do some sneaky touch-ups if you get bored on the plane.

You know how hard it is trying to narrow down your beauty choices when packing. Which eyeshadows do you leave behind? How many lipsticks is one too many? Will that massive 30 eyeshadow palette actually fit in your bag? Hadid has answered all those questions for us, and delivered them in the form of a neat, compact palette that will let you dress your whole face in one spot.

"The most exciting part about making this collection was creating something I wasn't able to find before — a palette or kit that had all my favorite colors and everything I needed — all in one place," she shared in a statement on

Well, thank you, Gigi.

Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette, $30, Ulta

Making things even more exciting, the product actually dropped earlier than expected, leaving beauty enthusiasts scrambling towards their nearest Ulta. The palette was originally supposed to land on shelves Oct. 22, but an Ulta rep told Popsugar that they released it sooner because of the high demand. And here is where the tricky part comes in: It had a massive demand, but it's also limited edition. That means you're going to have to race to the checkout if you want to own the palette.

You can get the collab now at for $30. You can also wait until Nov. 5 when it gets released in Ulta stores.

In case you're not too fussed about the makeup colors in this particular palette, here are a few other compact kits you can choose from for travel.

1. Deck of Scarlet Subscription Box

Edition No. 2, $30, Deck of Scarlet

If you sign up for Deck of Scarlet, you will receive a compact palette once every two months for the price of $30 per palette. If you don't subscribe but still love their offerings, you can still buy the released palettes individually for a slight markup. The brand carries a wide range of options that tailor to different aesthetics, meaning you can choose a palette with neutral colors or more bold styles. The kits usually come with two lipsticks, three eyeshadows, a blush and highlighter, and a mystery "extra," like an eyeliner or lip crayon combo.

2. Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette

Lorac Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette, $30, Lorac Cosmetics

This doesn't cover the whole face quite like the Deck of Scarlet palette, but it covers your most pressing bases. Offering both matte and shimmer eyeshadow, two different blush hues, and a bronzer that can double as contour powder, you can almost get a full face with this one kit.

3. MAC Look In A Box

MAC Look In A Box Sophisticate, $50, Mac Cosmetics

This box carries about everything you might need for either a quick weekend getaway or a longer, several month trip. It carries two blush shades, six eyeshadows, two lipsticks, and a duo-handled brush. Not only that, but it's a $113 value for just $50.

Whether you nab Hadid's new kit or play around with other one-stop-choices, it's pretty handy knowing you can bring all these cosmetics with you without overflowing your bag. Travel hacks for the win!