You Can Get 25% Off Everything At Girlfriend Collective Right Now

Girlfriend Collective's 25% off sale has begun.
Girlfriend Collective/Instagram

Brands are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but some are already offering major deals. Girlfriend Collective's 25% off sale is happening right now, letting fans grab some early bird discounts on their beloved bike shorts and comfy sports bras before the massive shopping holiday. Not only has the major shopping event already begun, but the 25% off discount is being offered site-wide.

According to an e-mail blast from the brand, The Sale — because it's the sale, get it? — began Nov. 19 and will extend all the way until Nov. 24 at 11:59 P.M. PT. You've got nearly a week to shop the size inclusive, highly rated athletic gear. Plus, the 25% off discount isn't just for select items. Girlfriend Collective's entire line is in on the deal with no exceptions on clothing (gift cards are an exclusion), and it includes some of the brand's most popular items like the compression leggings and high-rise bike shorts.

You won't need any pesky codes or a minimum amount to take advantage of the Girlfriend Collective sale, though. The brand has made it simple. Add your choices to your cart, and the 25% off discount will add automatically and be removed from your total. Shopping a sale has never been easier.

Girlfriend Collective isn't just known for how comfortable and functional its pieces are. There's also the ethos behind the brand. Those compression leggings that you can purchase for just $51 during the sale are actually made from all recycled materials, placing Girlfriend Collective's promise of sustainability at the forefront of its designs. The pieces utilize 25 plastic water bottles to form its material, and the styles are guaranteed to be recycled and are even certified by Oeko Tex, an individual research firm which evaluates textile creation methods in Europe and Japan.

The brand doesn't stop there when it comes to sustainability. Back in August, Girlfriend Collective announced its Reduce, Reuse, ReGirlfriend initiative. Since the athletic wear brand is committed to reducing textile waste, it's encouraging its customers to do the same by offering a $15 discount when you turn in an old piece from Girlfriend Collective. The brand will take your worn items and convert them back into materials to make, well, even more pieces for Girlfriend Collective. The initiative is a win win for everyone, including Mother Nature.

Not only can you can snag some comfortable and vibrant pieces of athletic wear during the Girlfriend Collective sale, but you can also shop knowing that your purchase comes from a brand that's giving a little something back to the world.