This Is The First Thing Hailey Bieber Does When She Gets Out Of The Shower

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Hailey Bieber swears her skin doesn't always look this good. But thanks to her regular facial appointments at LA's Skin Worship and her can't-leave-home-without-it hydrating foundation stick — oh, and her genetically-blessed, blemish-free complexion — I'm having kind of a hard time believing the newlywed, who's telling me all about her skincare regimen on a recent February afternoon. (It doesn't help that she happens to be wearing a beige two-piece skirt set that only enhances her sun-kissed glow.)

It isn't just Bieber's passion for beauty — and clean beauty specifically — or her famous mug that bareMinerals continues to ask her to be its ambassador. She also has a longtime personal connection to the brand that began with her mom. Here, Bieber shares her earliest memories of bareMinerals, the first thing she does when she hops out of the shower, and her advice for finding the perfect nude lip.

I heard that you first learned about bareMinerals because of your mom. Do you remember the first product you ever tried?

It's actually the product they're celebrating for their 25th anniversary — the foundation powder. My mom always used that and their powder blush. She probably still uses them to this day! For 10 years of my life, every time I went into her makeup bag, those two things were in there. She would use it on me at recitals and stuff growing up. Being their ambassador is kind of this weird, full-circle thing.

Was your mom always into using clean beauty products?

Yes. I remember even when my mom was dyeing her hair, she was using all organic boxed dye. She also made us eat organic from the farmer's market. My mom is from Brazil and she's very passionate about taking care of her skin, inside and out. She has amazing skin. And her mom has amazing skin.

You have amazing skin...

Thank you! I really do think a lot of it is genetic. When I was a kid, [my mom] would never let me get out of the shower or bathtub without literally just drenching my body in lotion. I was like, "Leave me alone! Stop touching me!" And she would be like, "No, soft skin is important!" And to this day, I still do it. I was getting a facial yesterday, and [the esthetician] was touching my arms and said, "You have the softest skin I have ever felt on anyone ever."

What important beauty tips have you learned from your mom?

Even though my mom and grandma are Brazilian and love the sun and the beach, they're very big on protecting their skin, too. They've taught me the balance of both.

Are you a big sunscreen person?

I'm big on SPF when I'm in the sun or lying on the beach. I can't promise you I wear it every day, because I don't do very well with certain ingredients that are in some sunscreens. Maybe I'll help someone pioneer an SPF one day that doesn't make you break out!

What are your non-negotiable bareMinerals products — what do you always need close by?

I have to have the hydrating foundation stick. It's the one product I use if I'm about to get off a plane and need a little zhuzh. It's so easy, it fits in your bag. I use the Cashew or Wheat shades — one's a little bit tanner for when I'm a little more tan.

How about your go-to lipstick?

BareMinerals' Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing lipstick. It's hydrating, and there are so many different shades.

Which shade are you wearing now?

Balance. It's such a good nude.

Do you have any advice for finding the right nude shade?

Here's my theory: A person's "nude" is really the color of their lip. And that could mean it may be more of a berry color, if that's the color of the actual skin on their lips.

What's your trick for perfect lipstick application?

Lipliner first. There's times when I over-line the lips a little bit just to get the shape, but most of the time I just go with the shape of my actual mouth and blend it out. There's a makeup artist I work with named Katie Jane Hughes. She's the first person who taught me that buffing out the lipliner is key — I like that trick a lot.

How about your brows? What do you do to them?

I don't touch them!

Wait, you don't do anything to them at all?!

Once a year, I get them shaped with Anastasia [Soare], and the rest of the time, I just let them grow. If there's a hair that's literally on my eyelid, I pluck it. I used to thread my eyebrows, and there was a phase when I had the perfect sculpted brow, but I've moved on from that. It's nice to leave them alone.

Last time we talked, you said you were having some skin issues that you attributed to your IUD. What's your current skincare routine?

That has settled because I've had it now for two years. I figured out it was also because I was taking these hair, skin, and nail vitamins! I was like, "Why am I breaking out?!" It was painful. But as soon as I stopped, my skin was perfect.

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So what are you using now?

I'm not over-the-top when it comes to my routine. I wash my face every day — not always in the morning, but every night. I do a little serum. I don't like the concept of a night and day moisturizer. It should just be one product. I love Pureness Soothing Light Moisturizer because it's easy and you can throw it on during the day and at night.

And I know you're a big fan of facials. What's your favorite treatment?

I consistently get facials with Emma at Skin Worship. I look at Emma as a healer. She's very focused on energy and what's going on in your life and how she can help calm and release tension. It isn't just about my face. She gives me a cranial massage and incorporates these cool treatments into a facial. Last time I went to see her, she did microcurrent, which I really liked — my skin felt really lifted. Everything she uses is clean and natural and doesn't have any chemicals and doesn't have any acids. I'm a customer for life.

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