Harry Potter World Has A TON Of Holiday Decorations — And You Can Get Them All Online

Harry Potter is not a Christmas book nor film, yet, inexplicably, it is forever united in my mind with the holiday season. There's a little file in my brain labeled "Christmas," and stuffed inside you'll find the recipe for Butterbeer, my blue and silver Ravenclaw scarf, and an image of Hogsmeade's main stretch of quaint, stone and wooden building, all covered in snow.

In mid-November, I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, just as the holiday celebrations began in earnest. This only exacerbated that feeling of Christmas cheer that somehow accompanies a book about dark magic. Despite the sticky Florida heat, I was firmly convinced that I had traveled to an alternate reality where it is Christmas all year long. Perhaps it was the lights show at Hogwarts Castle or maybe it was Celestina Warbeck's holiday set, but I left the park feeling more than ready for the season of good cheer to arrive.

Luckily, while at the park, I also got most of my holiday shopping out of the way. There's tons of Harry Potter gifts to be found at Universal Studios, and for the next few weeks, you'll also be able to pick up Harry Potter holiday decorations. But you don't have to be in Orlando to snag some of these items — they're all available online. Here are the TK most magical holiday accessories from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Hogwarts™ House Pennant Garland

Universal Studios

Turn your living room into the Great Hall with this pennant that shows off all four houses.

Hogwarts Garland, $34.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Express Ornament

Universal Studios

You don't need to travel to King's Cross station to find the Hogwarts Express. Just purchase this one for your tree, and you'll always be able to find your way back to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Express Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Crest Ornament

Universal Studios

If everyone in your family belongs to a different Hogwarts House, it might be best to purchase an ornament that gives them all equal weight.

Hogwarts Crest Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Railways Ornament

Universal Studios

This ornament is a subtle homage to the iconic Hogwarts Express.

Hogwarts Railway Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Castle Ornament

Universal Studios

Home is where the Hogwarts Castle ornament is.

Hogwarts Castle Ornament, $29.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Bell Ornament

Universal Studios

You can also purchase these Hogwarts Bell ornaments with the mascots of each of the four houses: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.

Hogwarts Bell Ornament, $16.95, Universal Studios

Ravenclaw™ Crest Stocking

Universal Studios

These stockings (available in all four house colors) are just waiting to be stuffed with Bertie Botts Beans, chocolate frogs, and exploding bonbons.

Ravenclaw Crest Stocking, $32.95, Universal Studios

Gryffindor™ Crest Metal Pennant Ornament

Universal Studios

These golden ornament glimmer like Gringotts.

Gryffindor Crest Metal Pennant Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Hufflepuff™ Crest Metal Ornament

Universal Studios

This is the perfect under $20 Secret Santa gift, and it's available for all four houses.

Hufflepuff Crest Metal Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Slytherin™ Crest Ornament

Universal Studios

This tarnished silver design (also available in all four houses) will blend right in if you prefer a more subdued holiday palate.

Slytherin Crest Ornament, $18.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Character Ornament

Universal Studios

If you're a fan of the movies (or just have a crush on Emma Watson), this might be the perfect holiday decoration for you.

Hogwarts Character Ornament, $21.95, Universal Studios

Gryffindor™ Pennant Ornament

Universal Studios

These pennants are a festive alternative to Christmas tree ribbons.

Gryffindor Pennant Ornament, $14.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Express Ticket Ornament

Universal Studios

Don't worry if you never got your Hogwarts letter (I'm still waiting too!). You can still get a boarding pass for the Hogwarts Express this holiday season.

London to Hogwarts Express Ticket Ornament, $14.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Express Stocking

Universal Studios

Stuff this stocking with all the goods from the Honeydukes Express trolley cart and give it to the Ron Weasley in your life.

Hogwarts Express Stocking, $32.95, Universal Studios

Ravenclaw™ Ribbon Garland

Universal Studios

Create your own Christmas decorations with these house-themed ribbon sets.

Ravenclaw Ribbon Garland, $16.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Stocking Holder

Universal Studios

And of course, you'll need a flashy stocking holder to hold up your sock bursting with candy...

Hogwarts Stocking Holder, $44.95, Universal Studios

Hogwarts™ Express Stocking Holder

Universal Studios

...and you have a few options!

Hogwarts Express Stocking Holder, $44.95, Universal Studios