Here's What's Leaving Netflix In November 2017 To Give You A Good Reason For Your Holiday Blues

Liz Minch/Bustle, Netflix

As the seasons change, so does the list of what's available on Netflix. Yes, that's right, there are new TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in November 2017, and you're going to want to catch these while you still can. Some of the movies are super nostalgic — if you haven't seen Twilight yet, then now's the time to catch the film that Robert Pattinson hates so much — and some of the movies are super random — the entire plot of Hatched is bizarre in a way only children's movies can be — but all of them are probably worth an eye. So too with the TV shows, because we're losing things like How I Met Your Mother and Jessie. Basically, from now to November should be your excuse to stay indoors and queue up as many things as you can.

As we all know, nothing stays on Netflix forever, no matter how good it is. So, before you tell yourself for the 100th time in a row that you'll watch Sky High or Hannah Montana: The Movie later, watch out. Later is coming up much sooner than you realize. Time to stop being lazy and start planning veiwing parties.

1. 'The Gambler'

In this 2013 movie, a paramedic with a gambling problem runs into way more issues than that. (Nov. 30)

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2. 'Legends' Seasons 1-2

FBI Operative Martin Odum changes identities as easily as a snake sheds its skin in this spy drama. (Nov. 30)

iflix Malaysia on YouTube

3. 'Hatched'

In this animated film, three young chicks, a barnyard full of animals, and... aliens team up to save the day? Yeah. (Nov. 30)

Craig Nicholls on YouTube

4. 'Gringolandia' Seasons 1-3

Koke Santa Ana stars as an immigrant determined to reach the American dream by selling Chilean hot dogs. (Nov. 25)

Gringolandia on YouTube

5. 'The Warlords'

Three men fight to bring China back from the brink of civil war, and one of those three men is Jet Li. What more do you need to know? (Nov. 22)

Film&Clips on YouTube

6. 'Somewhere Only You Know'

This Chinese romantic drama sends a woman to Prague where she gets to know her family, herself, and a cute single father. (Nov. 17)

Toy Soldiers on YouTube

7. 'Reggie Yates: Outside Man' Volume 2

Filmmaker Reggie Yates travels worldwide to examine issues like racism and addiction. (Nov. 17)


8. 'The Break-Up'

Who doesn't love a rom-com starring Jennifer Aniston? In this one, she and Vince Vaughn may have given up on their relationship, but neither of them is willing to give up on their shared condo. (Nov. 16)

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9. 'Joan Rivers: Don't Start With Me'

Enjoy the comedic stylings of the late Joan Rivers with this special. (Nov. 16)

entertainmentone on YouTube

10. 'Dream House'

When Daniel Craig's Will moves his family to a New England town, horrors ensue. Did he learn nothing from H.P. Lovecraft about New England towns? (Nov. 16)

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11. 'Cristela' Season 1

Balancing her ambitions with the expectations of her traditional Mexican-American family makes Cristela's life very complicated in this comedy series. (Nov. 16)

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12. 'We Are Still Here'

In yet another New England horror story, a house awakens every 30 years and demands sacrifice. (Nov. 15)

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13. 'The Human Centipede: First Sequence'

Yes, Human Centipede was on Netflix. Yes, it's leaving soon. No, you won't be able to forget this film really happened. (Nov. 15)

Horror Addict on YouTube

14. 'Jessie' Seasons 1-4

If you didn't catch this Disney series about a nanny taking care of numerous adopted children, make sure you do. (Nov. 15)

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15. 'How I Met Your Mother' Seasons 1-9

Give yourself the highest of five if you catch the classic Neil Patrick Harris show before the entire thing leaves Netflix. (Nov. 13)

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16. 'Goosebumps'

The Goosebumps books and TV series got a 2015 movie starring Jack Black. Yes, really. (Nov. 11)

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17. 'The Heartbreak Kid'

After turning a short fling into a hasty marriage, Ben Stiller tries to leave his horrible wife for Michelle Monaghan in this rom-com. (Nov. 8)

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18. 'Sky High'

Superheroes have problems, too, and the children of superheroes have even bigger one in this teen movie classic. (Nov. 5)


19. 'Heavyweights'

These underdog kids don't take well to Ben Stiller trying to take over their summer camp in this Disney movie. (Nov. 5)

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20. 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'

Miley Cyrus steps into the role of Hannah Montana one last time for this film that closed off the series. (Nov. 5)

AlexlllMontana on YouTube

21. 'Do I Sound Gay?'

This Sundance film takes a look at the harmful stereotype that you can tell a person's sexuality from how they talk. (Nov. 3)

IFC Films on YouTube

22. 'V For Vendetta'

Natalie Portman forms a bond with a Guy Fawkes mask-wearing revolutionary in this political film. (Nov. 1)

jackmanou on YouTube

23. 'Twilight'

This relatively unknown romance stars some girl named Bella Swan discovering that some guy named Edward Cullen is a) really hot, b) a vampire and, c) stalking her. (Nov. 1)

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24. 'Thomas & Friends' Christmas Specials

Celebrate Christmas in October with the series of Thomas & Friends Christmas specials vacating the streaming site: Ultimate Christmas, The Christmas Engines, Merry Winter Wish, Holiday Express, and A Very Thomas Christmas. (Nov 1.)

Tom & Friends Variety on YouTube

25. 'The Newton Boys'

Four brothers from Texas go on a crime spree in the 1920s. The catch? They never kill a single person doing it. (Nov. 1)

Video Detective on YouTube

26. 'The Matrix'

All three of The Matrix movies, starring Keanu Reeves as Neo, discovering the paranoia-inducing fact that his entire world is a computer simulation, are on their way out. Catch them while you can. (Nov. 1)

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27. 'The Legend Of Hell House'

If this trailer doesn't creep you out, then what actually happens in the Hell House definitely will. (Nov. 1)

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28. 'The Brothers'

Childhood friends have to grapple with growing up into different people in this 2001 classic. (Nov. 1)

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29. 'Ravenous'

Take a bite out of this 1999 horror movie — or don't, because it's about cannibals. (Nov. 1)

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30. 'Hugo'

Hugo Cabret searches for a place where he belongs in this steampunk film. (Nov. 1)

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31. 'Christmas With The Kranks'

Laugh your way to the holidays one last time with the Kranks. (Nov. 1)

londonforchristmas on YouTube

32. 'Black Books' Series 1-3

This bookstore comedy will remind you why you love to read so much. (Nov. 1)

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33. 'Back To The Secret Garden'

Camilla Belle stars in this Secret Garden sequel, where she meets an adult Lady Mary Craven.

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