Here's Where To Buy The Polly Pocket Purse Of Your '90s Dreams

Gals who grew up in the '90s (or those who wish they did) are going to love this amazing new purse that makes more than just a nostalgic nod to their childhood. You're obviously going to want to know where to buy the Polly Pocket purse of your '90s dreams, because accessories like this don't come around too often.

The fact is, the creators of this dreamy bag, Truffle Shuffle a UK based retro merchandise site, have totally nailed it. It looks exactly like the old school, heart-shaped Polly Pocket play sets but it's a fully functioning handbag. If that's not enough, the bag comes with a gold chain strap to match the gold lettering on the front, a double zipper fastening to keep your stuff safe and easily accessible, plus it has printed scenes inside so that it literally looks like a real Polly Pocket play set when you open it up. Be still my beating heart!

This bag could not be more current: With the rise in popularity of the trendy millennial pink shade, along with millennials' obsession with anything from their childhood, I can see this purse being a huge hit. Even if you're either side of the millennial age bracket, there's a lot to love about this adorable bag.

Truffle Shuffle

It even looks large enough to hold an iPhone along with your other essentials, which is the cherry on top of your memory lane sundae. Because even though a teeny, to-scale Polly Pocket inspired bag would look super cute, it wouldn't be functional and it likely would make its way to the back of your closet, along with all the other novelty garbage you bought on a whim. Like those unicorn phone cases that are magical, but way too big to use on a daily basis. Crying face.

Truffle Shuffle

Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Crossbody Bag, £38, TruffleShuffle

Polly Pocket fans who don't live in the UK needn't panic — Royal Mail Airmail Delivery is available and Truffle Shuffle deliver to a whole host of countries including the USA. So you can breathe easy if you're from across the pond.

Truffle Shuffle

The best thing about this bag — aside from everything else — is its price. At a mere £37.99, approximately $49 dollars at the time of writing, it's pretty affordable. Sure, you'll have to add on the international shipping cost but IMO, it's a small price to pay to own such an iconic handbag.

According to Cosmopolitan, this beaut bag launches on the site on June 8, so make sure to mark your calendar, or sign up to be notified when it's available, to avoid missing out!