KKW Body Fragrance Is Finally On Sale — But It Will Be A While Before You Get Your Bottle

If you're a beauty lover that stays on top of their news, then you will know that the KKW Body Fragrance has launched on April 30 at noon PT, meaning you can now shop the perfume and make the now-iconic statue-shaped bottle yours. But how long does it take the KKW Body Fragrance to ship? After waiting so long for it to launch, people are going to be impatient to have the statue-like design of the beauty mogul's body on their vanity table. In the age of Amazon next-day delivery and free two-day shipping, it actually might take awhile to reach your front doorstep.

For those not in the know, Kim Kardashian has recently launched a new perfume for her KKW Fragrance line, which will be joining her original Crystal Gardenia collection and her Valentine's Day Kimoji Hearts spin-off line. This will be her seventh scent underneath her brand, and while the other collections got a great deal of buzz and hype, this particular Body one has sent the internet over the deep end. Mainly because of the shape of the bottle: True to the scent's name, Body is in the exact shape of Kardashian's body.

Detailing the behind-the-scenes experience of creating the perfume, Kardashian posted a photo of herself a few weeks ago where she was naked and covered in clay, sharing that her exact silhouette will be used for the bottle. While that created a lot of intrigue, she then went on to post strategically nude photos of herself on her social media accounts, in honor of the upcoming drop.

The scent itself is a mix of sultry and sweet, mixing peach nectar notes with heady bergamont scents. More specifically, the top notes include a mix of bergamont, mandarin, Baies Rose (which is pink peppercorn, a type of dried berry,) and peach nectar. The middle notes feature Ylang Ylang flowers, roses, and jasmine, and the base is a heady mix of musk, amber, and sandalwood. If you love both sweet and spicy smells, this might just be your golden ticket.

As for the pricing, it's in the mid-range when it comes to perfumes, but it offers you a great value when it comes to the amount you receive.

It clocks in at $60, which is the same amount as the big bottle available in Kardashian's Crystal Gardenia collection. However, the Crystal Gardenia bottle offered 75 mL, whereas the Body bottle holds 100 mL, giving you more bang for your buck.

But what about the shipping? Say that you're sold on the scent, you're in the checkout page, and ready to hit "buy." How long will it take you to actually get to test drive the product? It's a bit of a wait, where it can take anywhere between one to two weeks if you're in the US.

Once you order your perfume, you will receive a separate email once your order ships with your tracking number, so you can follow along on your bottle's journey to your front door. If you're in the continental US, the brand estimates it will take approximately six to 10 business days to process your order and deliver it. Since business days don't count holidays or weekends, 10 days is essentially two weeks.

Oddly enough, if you're international your order ships faster. If you're outside of the US, you will get your order anywhere between three to 10 business days. If you're willing to pay a little bit extra to get your scent sooner, unfortunately you don't have the option to shell out a couple more dollars. KKW Fragrance does not offer expedited shipping at this time, so you're just going to have to be patient.

If you want the scent but are bummed it will take a bit to get delivered, make sure you get it now. The sooner you order, the sooner you will receive it!