These Rose Gold Makeup Brushes Are Extra In The Most Magical Way

Mermaids and unicorns are probably dead when it comes to the beauty world. However, if you still want your dose of whimsical and fantastical makeup and beauty tools, Storybook Cosmetics has you covered. With gorgeous fantasy themed goods, they're a must shop, and Storybook Cosmetics' rose gold brushes are the latest launch from the brand that you'll definitely want to get your hands on.

If you're not familiar with Storybook Cosmetics, their name pretty much says it all. This indie brand originally began by taking inspiration from fictional and fantastical works of literature, but since their inception, they've majorly expanded where they glean inspiration from. With a Mean Girls palette available, they're making themselves more than just fairy tales and branching into pop culture. Their more whimsical fare, however, may always be what they're best known for, and it's for good reason. Their products are beautiful.

Now, they're adding to their repertoire with new tools. While you may have seen the brand's rose shaped brushes before, you haven't seen their latest, and they're totally can't miss. Storybook Cosmetics is taking the rose gold trend to the next level by making rose gold brushes shaped like roses. Yes, yes it perfect.

How much is known about the rose gold brush launch? While the brand revealed little on their Instagram post announcing their latest creation, the good news is that they're already up for pre-order on the Storybook Cosmetics website. You can get all the details there.

According to the site, the set of four brushes will retail for $55 (roughly $14 per brush), and they're all made of the face. In the set, customers will receive a tapered highlighting brush, angled contour and blush brush, flat top powder brush, and a dome top powder brush.

If you do choose to preorder these gorgeous brushes, you will be waiting on them for a bit. They're not shipping out quite yet. They'll be headed your way in 30-45 days, but hey, aren't good things worth the wait, after all? Plus, these beauties are limited edition so you'll want to be sure to get them while you still can.

Thinking that they look familiar? There's a good reason for that. The rose shaped brushes have become a bit of a staple for Storybook Cosmetics. The brand debuted them all the way back in 2016 with there original "What's In A Name" set which featured the classic green handle and rose bristles. Then, in October of last year, they took on a bit more of a goth vibe with a black set. Both of these collections are still up for grabs on the brand's site.

How do fans feel about the new addition to the rose brush family? They're in love (even if their wallets maybe aren't so much).

Their rose gold color seems to be a true selling point for the newbies.

The brushes are definitely worth a freak out, and now, it's just time to save those pennies to snag them.

Some fans have already made questions (but understandable and relatable) choices surrounding buying the gorgeous face brushes.

Other fans are thinking about more drastic but very practical approaches to shopping Storybook Cosmetics. Can you blame them?

Clearly, the hype is real around the new Storybook Cosmetics rose gold brushes. If you want to get a jump on shopping them, head over to the brand's website now. The $55 set will be shipping out in a little over a month, and patience is a virtue, after all. In the meantime, just daydream about how beautiful these will look on your vanity.