LUSH's #BeCrueltyFree Shampoo Bar Has Arrived

by Teresa Newsome

LUSH Cosmetics is one of those companies that practice what they preach, and one thing they've always been vocal about is the humane treatment of animals. Recently, they've re-launched their LUSH #BeCrueltyFree Shampoo Bar to help support The Humane Society International's fight to ban animal testing in the cosmetics industry. This isn't a U.S. project, it's a global project.

Thus far, over 30 countries, including the European Union, Israel, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Switzerland have passed laws banning animal testing. The campaign has also drawn millions of signatures from people pledging to only purchase cruelty-free products. You can sign the petition by visiting the Humane Society International website. The also have a list of other products from other companies who are dedicated to the cause.

The shampoo bar carries the message to stop testing on animals both in English and Chinese, because these two languages dominate social media. It is currently for sale in the international LUSH stores, and it's about $8 USD. It's a scalp-stimulating clove, peppermint, and cinnamon bar, and of course, it's made from vegan products and not tested on animals. LUSH continues to be #goals when it comes to saving the world and making products we love and feel good about buying. Even if you can't purchase this particular shampoo bar, you can feel good about shopping their entire store.

#BeCrueltyFree Shampoo Bar, $8,

There's something about LUSH bath and body products that makes me hungry. Like, when I go into the store, I want to eat everything. These shampoo bars are no exception. I bet they smell like Christmas.

Fight Animal Testing Tote, $13,

LUSH also has a bag that lets you show off your your disdain for animal cruelty. As a bonus, it's created by women in India through a project that aims to empower women.

In these tense political times, we're all asking ourselves what we can do to create the world we want to live in. Supporting companies that align with our values is a great way to start. The way we spend our money is powerful, and it can create real change.

LUSH has always known this, and has a section on its website devoted to its social works projects called the Charity Pot. Truly a company you can feel good about.

Images: LUSH Cosmetics