Here's The Trick To Avoid Paying Full Price For The New iPhone 11

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Apple unveiled three new iPhone models on Tuesday as part of its September launch event. While these phones come with an array of exciting new features, they also come with a price. However, you can cut the cost of getting an iPhone 11 if you trade in your older phone — and how much it'll save you depends on the model you're after and the one you're swapping.

According to Apple, the iPhone 11 will have a starting price point of $699, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models will have prices starting at $999 and $1,099, respectively. Prices for each model will increase if you opt to get a phone with more storage space, as the iPhone 11 is available with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options, while the Pro and Pro Max models offer 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB options.

If you currently have an iPhone, you can use Apple's trade-in program to help reduce the cost of upgrading to a new iPhone 11 model. The company outlined what this could look like during its event presentation on Tuesday. For example, as Apple indicated, if you're trading in an iPhone 8 Plus for an iPhone 11, your out-of-pocket costs could begin at $399. If you have an iPhone X to trade in, you could get a new iPhone 11 Pro beginning at $599 or a Pro Max beginning at $699, the company said.


To get more clarity on the trade-in value of your device, especially if you don't have the iPhone 8 or iPhone X that Apple is promoting as trade-in options, you can use Apple's trade-in website tool. If you answer a few straightforward questions about your current iPhone, Apple will give you an estimated trade-in value. If you like, Apple will then offer to send you a trade-in kit, which will allow you to mail the company your old iPhone in exchange for trade-in credit.

As the company explains on its website, if you're ready to purchase a new iPhone (or other Apple product) right away and you pay in full for that device online, Apple will credit your original payment method for the value of the trade-in once it's processed. If you opt to pay for an online iPhone purchase using Apple iPhone Payments, you can have an estimated trade-in value deducted immediately from your bill, even before Apple receives your trade-in device. If there's any difference between the device condition you described and the condition Apple assesses once it receives it, the company will simply alter the credit you receive after-the-fact.


You can, of course, also bring your old iPhone with you to an Apple store and trade it in there when purchasing a new phone. If it's eligible for a trade-in, Apple will give you an instant credit when you're buying your new device, the company says. And, finally, if you're not quite ready to purchase one of the new iPhones, but want to get an old device off your hands, you can still request a trade-in kit from Apple and receive an Apple store gift card via email for the value of your device.

While the new iPhone 11 models are pricey, there are ways to make them more affordable, especially if you're a current iPhone owner. So, if you're anxious to get your hands on one of Apple's newest devices, consider taking a closer look at what their trade-in program could offer you.

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