How To Buy Charlotte Tilbury's Starry Eyes Palette In The UK, Because This Product Is Something Special

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is nicknamed the Queen of the Glow and honestly it's for good reason. If you've tried any of her products, you'll know what I'm talking about. Tilbury started her career as a makeup artist to the stars (think Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell) before founding her eponymous skincare and make-up brand. All the palettes she's released have had a lot of attention for the pigment and the glow and her newest release is set to be the best yet, so here's how to buy Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes in the UK.

Makeup lovers like myself will remember when Charlotte Tilbury dropped the Icon palette and introduced 12 shades of the most delightful sparkly hues and a smokey black. It felt like *the* palette of 2019. But this new Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette may just have pipped it to the post.

Hold on, what makes this palette so special? I hear you ask.

Well, because this palette is limited edition, you won't find it in it's usual rose gold packaging. Oh no darling. The Starry Eyes palette lives in a navy blue case with silver sparkles on it just like a starry night sky.

Other than it's case, the colours available in this palette, and the way that they are laid out, are something seriously special. As Charlotte explains via her website: "I have bottled the light play of the stars to create four glowing eye looks that gild the eyes with divine, dreamy light!" She continues, "these gorgeous, glowing eye looks are my beauty secrets for hypnotising the world! Just like last year’s SELL OUT palette, the easy-to-build shades play with the light beautifully, whether you want to create a natural look, a sophisticated smokey eye or a molten golden goddess gaze!"

The palette contains 12 shades, which have been divided into three groups of four to create different eyeshadow looks. Happy Glow has a matte tan and two shimmery tans, Love Glow has a matte rose and a rose gold and pink shimmer, Dream Glow has a khaki and dusky green shimmers, and Seduce Glow has a deep navy and silver and pale gold shimmers just like the night sky.

For those who maybe feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of using eyeshadows and don't really know where to begin, the Starry Eyes palette will be your new best friend. By using each individual look, you'll be able to create really easy and amazing eye shadow looks. Even a beauty rookie could look super glam.

So, on to the important stuff: how and when can you get your hands on the Starry Eyes palette?

You'll be able to get your hands on the new Starry Eyes palette on the Charlotte Tilbury website, but the catch is that it's only available for 24 hours. So you've gotta move quickly. The palette will set you back £60.

If you're worried about not being able to get you hands on one of these coveted palettes during the 24 hours that it's available on the Charlotte Tilbury site, don't fret because, according to Cosmopolitan, the Starry Eyes palette will be back in stock on Oct. 3 2019 where it'll be released all with the Christmas collections. Thank goodness, because this is too good to miss out on.