6 Underwear That Protect Your Thighs From Chafing

Thigh chafing is a reality of life for a great many women — and it becomes especially annoying and uncomfortable during the hot, humid days of summer. There are quite a few whip-smart ways to prevent thigh chafing that include making the most of everything from talcum powder to all-natural friction defense sticks that are used by athletes. You can find out how to protect your thighs from chafing when you're wearing a dress and chafing solutions specifically for times when you want to wear shorts. But, let's peel away all of those layers of clothing and talk about undergarments and underwear that protect your thighs from chafing so that you stay comfy no matter what you're wearing — or the temperature outside.

From bandalettes to seamless slipshorts, today's underwear options provide a number of comfortable ways you can protect skin from chafing without having to limit your wardrobe to pants, pants, and more pants. By all means, take those wise steps to reduce skin irritation by applying an anti-chafing cream that creates a barrier between your thighs and fabrics and consider purchasing clothing in fabrics that prevent chafing (like moisture-wicking mesh and microfiber blends). But never underestimate the power of a beautiful and functional anti-chafing undergarment.

1. These Comfortable Underwear Shorts Made With Moisture Wicking Materials

With a seamless waist band, leg bands that hold these shorts in place, and a reinforced inner thigh for moisture wicking, the Sonsee Anti Chafing Plus Size Underwear Shorts stand apart for having a smooth look that makes them practically invisible under clothing. Reviewers say these fit perfectly, won't ride up, and do exactly as promised: they prevent chafing even in the hottest, most humid climates.

2. These Sexy Lace Thigh Bands That Can Be Worn Under Anything

To an outsider, these Bandalettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands look like naughty lace lingerie garters. But after wearing them for a day, you'll quickly see their magical powers include preventing chafing with stretchy material made of 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, never, ever slipping — and, oh yeah, looking insanely sexy the entire time.

3. These Mid-Length, Full-Rise Boy Shorts

If you prefer more coverage, these Jockey mid-rise, full-length boy shorts are perfect. They're made with a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex and feature triangle back construction for more movement and cotton gusset to prevent chafing.

Reviewers say these shorts stay down all day long, feel "soft and slinky," and are made with breathable materials that make them the perfect summer or sports undergarment.

4. These Seamless Shortlettes That Won't Leave Panty Lines

Kill two birds with one stone with these comfy lace shortlettes: prevent thigh chafing and feel secure knowing you can wear anything with these and you'll see absolutely no panty lines. These rash guard panty shorts are lightweight, breathable (made with 96 percent polyester and 4 percent spandex), and feature a seamless inner thigh. Reviewers call them "amazing," and say they are comfortable and won't dig into the waist or stomach.

5. These Ultralight Mesh Shorts In Fun Colors

With ultralight breathable mesh, these low-rise sport mesh underwear by ExOfficio help prevent chafing with a 4" inseam that doesn't ride up and a cotton gusset in the crotch area. Reviewers describe them as lightweight and comfy enough to wear all day — and then to sleep in, to boot.

6. These Mid-Rise Moisture Wicking Shorts With 4-Way Stretch

Comfort and fit is key when selecting undergarments and these Thigh Society mid-rise slip shorts hit all the right notes: they have a waistband high enough to reach your bellybutton but not too high, moisture-wicking mesh panels along the inner thighs to keep you cool and dry, 4-way stretch for incredible movement, and a 7.5" inseam to make sure you're perfectly covered and feel supported.

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