How To See Who's Following You On Instagram

by Eliza Castile
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Instagram is the ideal platform for keeping up with your friends and getting to know new ones, but it's also fun to see who's staying up to date on all of your latest posts. So, if you're curious whether someone's following you on Instagram, you can bet you're not alone. There are a few ways to find out exactly who's down to see your selfies and throwback Thursday pics when they open Instagram first thing in the morning.

It's always been possible to check and see if someone is following you on Instagram. As soon as a person starts following you, you get a notification — you can find it if you click on the little heart icon at the bottom of the page. But if that person started following you weeks or even months ago, the process takes a little more finagling if you don't know the right tricks. First, you'd head to your profile to find your list of followers. Then you'd scroll through hundreds (or maybe thousands, you popular fellow) of usernames in search of a specific person. Depending on how many people follow you, this can be a huge undertaking, and you always run the risk of missing their name on the list. The alternative is even worse: You'd have to slog through their list of followers to see if your username made the cut. Basically, both of those options are less than ideal.

Luckily, there's an easier way to see who's following you or see who's unfollowed you on Instagram — here's what you have to do.

First, Go To Your Profile Page


To get to your profile, click on the little person icon in the bottom righthand corner of your screen. If you have the person's username, you should be able to check whether or not they're following you directly from your profile page. Note, though, that this will only work if you're using the mobile app, not desktop.

Tap "Followers"

At the top of the your profile page, you should see three numbers. One indicates how many Instagram posts you have ("posts"), another indicates how many people are following you ("followers"), and another indicates how many people you're following ("following"). Tap the "followers" number, and it should open to a list of the public accounts that are following you.

Search For The Person's Username


From there, you should be able to type in the name or username of the person you're checking up on into the search bar to see if it comes up; as you can see, if the person is not following you back, their name won't appear. You can also check this by going to the other user's profile, and searching through their "following" list to see if your name comes up.

If you want to go a step further and see which of your followers has unfollowed you on Instagram without visiting each of their profiles, apps like Followers Track for Instagram! and FollowMeter for Instagram will keep tabs. That being said, if you're only wondering whether one person in particular stopped following you, searching for their name in your "Followers" section could be just as quick.

There's always the possibility that what you find will be disappointing, but at least you can take comfort in knowing you can find out so easily. And hey, then you'll know who your real friends are. And if you're interested in gaining more followers, you can check out these 10 proven ways to boost your Instagram following.

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