How To Use Multi-Snap On Snapchat

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Snapchat is not one to sit back idly without a sweet update every now and then; and today, Snapchatters are in luck, because the app is introducing a whole new way to share videos with your friends: Multi-Snap. Learning how to use Multi-Snap on Snapchat is pretty simple and mainly utilizes functions you're already familiar with, but it makes the whole experience even more convenient and user-friendly.

According to a Snap Inc. spokesperson, people around the globe create over three billion Snaps every single day. We Snap at work. We Snap at the gym. We Snap from the bathroom. (Don't lie!) Snapchat has worked its way into the hearts of millions, and they're constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to keep us entertained. In a nutshell, Multi-Snap allows you to record up to six consecutive Snaps (of 10 seconds each) at once. Then, you can pick and choose the ones you like and do away with the rest. Before sending them to your friends, you can even decorate your Snaps using many of Snapchat's creative tools!

Multi-Snap is available starting today to iOS worldwide. Android users, stay tuned, because you're next. In the meantime, here's a quick how-to so that you can become a Multi-Snap pro.


Press And Hold The Capture Button To Record A Video Snap

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Business as usual here. While tapping on the button takes a picture, holding down on it records a video.


Keep Holding The Capture Button To Continue Recording

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After you've recorded your first 10-second Snap, simply continue to hold the record button down to get the next one. Every time a 10-second Snap has been recorded, you'll see thumbnails representing your Snaps at the bottom of your screen.


Delete Any Snaps You Don't Like

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This is an easy one — just drag it into the trashcan!


Decorate Your Snap

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When you're done recording, you'll be taken to the Preview mode to make your Snap all fancy with tools like Emoji Brush and Custom Stickers. These will apply to each Snap in your sequence.


Post It Or Send It To A Friend

You'll find that each Snap sends individually, but always in the order you took them. Friends can choose to either watch the whole thing or skip through the series like normal.