Huda Kattan Is Getting Into The Skin Care Game & Her First Product Is SO Good


Huda Kattan is officially tossing her hat in the skin care game. On Feb. 4, the beauty entrepreneur announced the launch of Wishful, her debut skin care brand aimed at "making skin dreams come true." After spending more than a decade offering up hundreds of tips and tricks on YouTube and Instagram for how to get rid of acne (a mask made of nutmeg, honey, and milk) or achieve smooth and glowy skin (rub orange juice on your face), she's finally creating her own solutions, starting with her very first product.

Kattan is kicking off Wishful's launch with Yo Glow, an enzyme exfoliating scrub made from a combination of pineapple and papaya enzymes, AHAs, BHAs, and soft physical exfoliants — a triple threat of exfoliation methods. The formula works to gently buff away dead skin on your face and when used one to two times a week, you can expect a radiant and smooth surface, a perfect foundation for the rest of your skin care products as well as seamless makeup application. According to the brand, the product was formulated in South Korea, the hub for beauty innovation, where Kattan worked with a team to create her first product.

It makes sense that Yo Glow was created in South Korea, as this type of gommage has been extremely popular in Asian beauty since 2016. This physical peeling gel formula is known for pilling as you rub it into your face, creating tiny flakes that look like it could be a combination of your dead skin cells and residue from old makeup, sunscreen, skincare, or worse, pollution. It is an extremely satisfying type of product to use, and Kattan's Yo Enzyme Glow is no different.

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(Left: A dime-sized amount of Yo Glow Enzyme; Right: After rubbing the enzyme scrub into my hand for 10 seconds)

However, unlike other peeling gels I've tried in the past, Yo Glow Enzyme has a milkier consistency, which I find results in a more gentle exfoliation. That said, I would not use this product more than twice a week — and if you have really sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend using this more than once a week at most. It still contains strong actives, like fruit enzymes and exfoliating acids, that are working to get rid of those dead skin cells and lighten any dull or dark spots as you rub the formula into your skin. The physical exfoliants are softer than an exfoliating scrub that has beads, but it should still be used as a bi-weekly (or weekly) treatment — not daily. While the product is so fun to use — who doesn't love the feeling of sloughing off dead skin off their face? — too much of a good thing can end up irritating or inflaming your skin. However, when used properly, your face will look and feel smoother, calmer, and more even after regular use.


One other factor to note: This product does have a slight fragrance to it. According to the brand, the scrub contains less then 0.2 percent fragrance, so while it isn't strong, it's definitely present. If you are sensitive to perfumes in products, consider visiting your local Sephora to test out the product before you buy it.

Yo Glow Enzyme will be available to shop on in limited quantities beginning Feb. 4, but will officially launch online with Sephora on Feb. 16 and in-store at Sephora on Feb. 28.

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