This K-Beauty Brand Made Makeup Inspired By Your Birthstone

Some of us are more in touch with the moon than others, which is why there's a huge following of people who consult their star charts, read their horoscopes every morning, carry healing stones in their bags, and take great stock in the meaning of their birthstones. Which is why when K-beauty brand Innisfree launched Birthstone Matte Mineral Setting Powders, cosmic beauty lovers everywhere rejoiced.

For those who haven't heard of Innisfree, it's an all-natural beauty brand that responsibly sources its ingredient's from Korea’s Jeju Island. Thanks to the island's volcanic origins, it has many resources that help to rebuild, pamper, and protect skin, allowing the brand to skip harmful chemicals and preservatives when it comes to making their products. In fact, their skin care products are made with an average of 80 percent natural ingredients, proving you don't need chemicals to create effective skin products.

Their Birthstone Matte Setting Powder is a remake of their original and best-selling setting powder, which is a silky, loose fine powder that controls oil and gives your skin a pretty matte finish. The birthstone version comes in 12 different packaging reiterations, letting you choose your birthday's corresponding stone.

The powder is made out of naturally derived Jeju minerals and mint, meaning it's one of the brand's naturally-sourced beauty products. The cute portable containers also come with their own powder puffs, which means it will be easy to apply (and will help nix any oil buildup) while on the go.

Seeing how summer and all of its heat waves are right around the corner, this will be a fun way to keep your T-zone under control while you participate in all of your favorite summer activities. From getting cocktails on a patio as the heat slowly inches up throughout the afternoon, to attending barbecues at your friend's house, to days off wandering neighborhoods, you can keep any unwanted shine under control with a handy powder compact like this one.

While you can choose between diamonds, topazes, sapphires, and opals — wherever your birthday lands — you won't have to pay a hefty price to match these gems. It costs an affordable $8 for five grams of product.

While there are no reviews for the Birthstone Setting Powder yet, there are reviews for the original Matte Setting Powder it's derived from. It has nearly five stars (or five "leaves," which is the scale that the site uses,) and customers have found that the powder has more than just one use, turning it into a workhorse when it comes to your makeup bag.

"Not only does this powder set makeup incredibly well, it also works as a dry shampoo and eyelash-thickener! The scent is lovely and fresh, and the price is un-beatable. I'm a Matte Mineral Powder fan for Life," one reviewer shared. So if you're on the move and notice your bangs or center part start looking a little greasy mid-afternoon — and you don't have a travel sized dry shampoo bottle in your purse — you can use this setting powder to fix the issue in a pinch. Or if you want to give your mascara a boost and thicken your lashes, just rub some of the powder onto your lashes beforehand, and they will look more voluminous.

On the other hand, another reviewer warned that it's not the best formula they have ever tried, but for the affordable price it has exceeded expectations.

If you love to follow your horoscope, or dabble with different kinds of healing stones and their powers, or just really love items that rep your birthday, this setting powder is a cute way to pay tribute to all of that. Just make sure you snap them up quick — they're limited edition!