Introducing 'Meet Cute,' Your New Favorite Podcast For 15-Minute Rom-Coms

by Jessica Lachenal
Columbia Pictures

For lovers of When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill, or Moonstruck, Meet Cute is a new podcast that takes some of the best parts of romantic comedies and puts them together in neat, 15-minute stories — complete with happily-ever-afters.

And in that tight timeframe, the podcast manages to deliver those same heart-wrenching moments you might come to expect from some of your favorite romantic comedies. Its episodes are short, sweet, and just enough to satisfy that oftentimes insatiable desire for a good old-fashion love story.

One of the most intriguing components of the podcast is that its stories are often interconnected. In one of the episodes available online now, "The School," it starts off with a pair of students who meet in class. Then, the next 15-minute arc turns to their teacher and his by-chance run-in with a potential love interest at a coffee shop.

Finally, "The School" ends with another five chapter arc that jumps focus to the school's principal, examining her relationship with her husband, and how her career impacts their relationships.

The characters never directly interact with others outside of their story, but they do get passing mentions, which lends a fun air of interconnectedness to the proceedings. Not unlike in the Amazon hit series, Modern Love, in which all of its characters are just a few degrees of separation from one another.

You might experience a bit of rom-com déjà vu while listening to the podcast — as it relies on many of the genre's beloved tropes — but according to CEO Naomi Shah, that's exactly the point. As she put it in a recent statement, "We are essentially the classic ‘Nora Ephron movie’ in podcast form where listeners can escape the real world for a short period of time, and enjoy scripted storytelling that restores the human condition."

The genius of the podcast is that it meets audiences where they are. By providing them timeless love stories in the medium best-suited for our podcast-obsessed generation. Because who doesn't want to throw on some headphones, queue up an episode, and listen to someone fall in love during your morning commute?